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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi

    Hi all, fairly new here to. I haven't gotten a professional diagnosis, but with eliminating gluten I self diagnosed myself I have missed this site the last few months....lost it on my computer I'm back now though and look forward to actually getting to know some others out here that have the same issues and hear success stories...I'm much more positive these days!! Things are getting better everyday!!
  2. The 100% Positive Thread

    I feel pretty great!!! I haven't been sick except for when I have accidentally been glutened!!
  3. Non-Supportive Husband While Going gluten-free

    It took my husband seeing how sick I got when he kissed me after ingesting gluten and didn't brush his teeth....he felt horrible that he had made me so sick and very seldom screws up anymore!!
  4. I've had that, thought I was going crazy! Not sure what it is though sorry!
  5. Something Isn't Right

    Right now until I am more confident and stronger I have decided to stick to mostly fruit and meat! I do eat corn tortilla chips for lunch at work for the snack attack but seem ok with that and today my hubby fixed me bacon and eggs when I got of work, and was even thoughtful enough to not use milk when scrammbling the eggs! I am still crampy at times usually when I wake up, but I have a BM, a normal BM I might add, and it seems to go away! Can I just tell you how wonderful and amazing it is to have normal BM's for the first time in years! It has always been D, C, or a mix! I could give tons of descriptions in size, shape and consistency and not even scratch the surface lol!! Anyway things are looking up minus the aggitation, depression, anxiety I can't seem to kick!! A girl a work tonight was flippantly talking about going gluten-free to lose weight and asking too many questions to this very sensitive newbie here and I was ready to quit my job and take her out not necessarily in that order...I hate condiscending people who thinks a joke a diet or me wanting to lose weight, makes me want to smack them!!
  6. Went To My First Family Get Together Since Dx

    Ok question when I was in high school I had epsten barr and had to be taken to the hosp with severe stomach pains, they said my spleen was ready to rupture...does any of this have anything to do with Celiac?? Is it something my GI Dr should know? Never though about it till I read this, they didn't opperate and it eventually resolved with antibiotics and IV fluid I think
  7. I've been doing lots of fruit, I mean lots, applesauce, pepperoni, corn chips for my lunch at work! I never have time to really prepare anything so fruit works well! I buy my at a small grocery store already cut up and packaged, quite a bit for only 2 bucks! At home potatoes are a great life saver so many ways to fix them and they're filling! Eggs, bacon, hamburgers with no bun! I live way out in the sticks and right now I'm the only one working and we have 3 kids so I know how hard it is! It can be done, just don't give up and remember this is your health you're dealing with...spend lots on toilet paper from eating the wrong things or little on things you can eat that go a long way =)
  8. My Prediction

    Lol yeah way over 18 I'm 34 but my mother has always been, ummm nosey shall we say It's a very small town where I grew up and I actually did ask her to get my test results for me! Probably not the smartest thing I could've done! She knows what's going on though because they all talk in the office, as with most medical facilities!! We shouldn't but we do talk about our patients amongest each other my mom just happens to work at the Dr I go to...
  9. Something Isn't Right

    Thank you all so much, I feel like I'm going crazy at times, well most the time anymore! All I know right now is I don't want anymore sweet bread products lol!! Another odd effect I had some problems with my eyesight in the last few years with night driving, bright lights or bright reflectors almost blinded me where i couldn't see to drive, now it's getting much much better! Last night at work after eating the brownie I went in to the med room and it looked to me like it was smokey in there almost like someone had stirred up a bunch of dust, I asked my friend if it looked alright to her and she said it looked fine! This afternoon when I woke up I had severe stomach pain and the dreaded Diarrhea....grrrrrrr
  10. Is This Related?

    Also only dx as hypoglycemic with no real problem from it with proper diet!! I can't eat nuts they hurt my stomach!!
  11. Is This Related?

    Not a coffee drinker anymore, I ate a banana and it went away until today. I think i am going to have to eat a banana a day!!!
  12. Something Isn't Right

    I honestly think I am only going to eat fruit veggies and meat from now on, I hate feeling like this!! I was feeling soooo much better and now this =(
  13. Something Isn't Right

    I don't know what it is but it's now turned to vomiting and once again I'm at work ughhhh
  14. My Prediction

    The only problem with that one is my mom works at my family Doctor and knows what my tests said =( of course she is only a file clerk but still
  15. Something Isn't Right

    So we made the Red Mill cornbread didn't go over well with me as I said previously, I didn't like it plus just felt yucky! We made the Red Mill brownies today and my goodness they are way too sweet and I really don't feel great now! Nausea, bloating and gas plus some stomach pain! They both have sorgum flour and tapioca flour, I don't know if it's that or what but I have never really liked anything sweet even as a kid! I think I'm about to stick to fruit and things like that!! I just don't know what it is probably shouldn't have went for those things yet but really wanted brownies and cornbread, not anymore