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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Dining In Saratoga Springs, Ny

    Thanks for the Info! I just went there this weekend, and posted on my blog http://glutenfreeli.blogspot.com/search/la...Free%20Saratoga Thanks for the heads-up on Wheatfields and Cantina- it was FABULOUS!
  2. Long Island Restaurants

    I also tried to start a blog that had info for Long Island on it.... there seemed to be a lot for NYC out there, but not really LI when I was first diagnossed, I was freaking out! http://glutenfreelongisland.blogspot.com/
  3. Long Island Restaurants

    Yes, I ditto MAMAS in Oakdale (631) 567-0909 (there are 2 Mamas in Oakdale, this is the number to the gluten-free one!), CAFE BALDO (not Gluten Cafe) in Wantagh, Carrabas in Smithtown (and I believe Lindenhurst? or somewhere else on the Island), You mentioned Outback, Chilis... PF Changs in Westbury. I have also had luck at Grand Luxe Cafe in the Roosevelt Field Mall (I got an omlet and salad, but the wait staff was extremely helpful). I also heard that Chipotle Grill has gluten-free menu (but have never tired it), there is one just opposite the Nassau Coliseum (by Hofstra), and one by the Broadway Mall on Rt. 107. I also *risk* panara's salad in a pinch. Pizzeria Uno also has a gluten-free menu, I have gone to the one in Lynbrook, and have been OK. Also, Charlie Browns in Lynbrook, Commack/Smithtown/Mineola has a gluten-free menu. I have eaten at Laguna Grill in Westbury and Locust Valley, and was able to get a steak salad (no seasoning), and they were very accommodating. I have also heard good things (I think even a gluten-free menu) about Long River Chinese in West Islip on Union Blvd, Oystermens in Sayville on Foster Ave, and Grecian Caf
  4. Restaurants

    Also- B Well Naturally in Plainview (down the block from Fairway) has the BIGGEST selection of gluten-free products that i've found. Every time I go, I am constantly getting "samples" of new items while walking around the store! They make gluten-free items that they freeze (baked ziti, lasagna, chicken parm etc) that you can buy, keep in the freezer then just throw in the micro for a quick easy meal! They usually have individual pieces of cakes etc on hand too!! I have found success at both of the Chilis in Nassau- Bethpage, and Westbury. I always ask for the manager (even though I have the latest copy of the gluten-free menu from the website) an explain I need my meal prepared gluten-free- and ask them to print me out the latest, just incase. Charlie Browns Steakhouse (Lynbrook and Garden City?) have been good too. THey have a gluten-free menu online, and if you ask for it at the resturant they have it... just again, ask for a manger. Trader Joe's gluten-free waffles are the ABSOLUTE best out there, they are usually sold-out in Merrick, when I do find them (ususlly on South Oyster Bay Rd one), I buy LOTS of them! (And they're cheap compared to other gluten-free foods!) I frequent I Love Gluten Cafe about once a week, and Sweet Karma is good too!! If they are out of someting, they will order it from Joan and get it in ASAP. Rita's ices are also OK (with the exception of the obvious "cookie" "dough" etc.. ones) (I go to the one in East Meadow now that it's open for the season again!) If you take trips into NYC, there are lots of options, and Risotteria is an absolute MUST!!
  5. Mcdonalds Fries Not Gluten Free

    YOU ARE RIGHT!!! A rep from one of the gluten-free companies, told me that the Ceral companies PURPOOSLLY added "Wheat" to their cerals for this EXACT reason. NO phone calls asking if it's gluten-free, and NO claims that people got sick. He said the original recipies did not call for "wheat or Malt flavoring" in them... LOVELY
  6. Starbucks

    I thought I read somewhere (a few months ago) that they were going to start carrying gluten-free products, but that they would be individually wrapped... Looks like that idea never happened!! I'm going to check the Starbucks by me as well, and speak to a manager THERE, at least if they can't make a "coporate" decission, the individual Managers should be recptive, and take appropiace precausions.
  7. Six Degrees

    It didn't strike me rude either... I was SO excited to see it mentioned! it seems that Gluten is being mentioned a LOT on TV lately... it was also in Medium (Allison has to order a rice crust pizza for her daughters b-day party because "one of the girls can't eat gluten") and it was also mentioned on Scrubs... JD talks about when meeting someoene new, girls LOVE to have things in common, and he says "I'm allergic to Gluten... OH me Too!"... I personally think all the Gluten mentions are AWESOME!!
  8. I eat McCains Oats every once and awhile! Just like you, I "chicken out" sometimes...I would say maybe once every other month, I'll have some McCains... I Like Bob's stuff, and have never had an issue (that I'm aware of)... so that would be good. As long as it's not in BIG quantity's I think oats for me are OK (minus the CC issue)
  9. Blooms Deli right by Grand Central Station is really good "diner" food too--- Good hamburgers, and FF!! DELISOUS FF!! YUM> Bloom's Delicatessen Cafe 350 Lexington Avenue (corner of 40th Street) New York, New York 10016 United States Cuisine: Everything - Diner Style Menu with Omelettes, Hamburgers, gluten-free French Fries, and Salads 212-867-FOOD (3663) www.bloomsnewyorkdeli.com Bloom's New York Delicatessen & Restaurant features a special gluten free menu including amazing gluten free French Fries!! Bloom's offers great deli and dinner foods such as Eggs and Omelettes, Hamburgers, Smoked Fish Platters, Salads, and Dinner Entrees including Salmon and Steaks.
  10. Suffolk County Fair

    I can't wait!!! I'm so excited this fair is happening again on LI!!! and So close!
  11. It dosen't say that they will list "Rye, Barley, or Oats"... just wheat... (as required by law)... but good to know they will "try" to avoid using the "natural" staement. Thanks for the info.
  12. gluten-free Bread Basket

    Oh No!!! Do you know what their hours are F/S? I think I'll have to make a trip up there to stock up! (Have you gone yet?- do they have much left?)
  13. Starbucks Confused?

    I get a NF Vanilla Latte (iced! yum) every morning, and haven't gotten sick. When I called they told me that one was gluten-free does anyone know about their drinks in the cans/bottles? (like from the supermarket?)
  14. Truly Gluten Free?

    I "risk" it sometimes, and get a burger... I do ask them to change the gloves before making it though (both at McDonalds and Wendys) It has never been a problem about changing gloves (usually a manager has to go back there to explain)... and I always get the Wendys Taco Salad (salad, chili, seasoned chips (gluten-free)) am OK.
  15. Mcdonalds Hamburgers...

    Thank you so much!! This is the one I had from awhile ago... but for some reason couldn't find it today on their site!! Thanks for the link!