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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Oh brother! I have been recently diagnosed through endoscopy and biopsy. All of the symptoms I had - brain fog, migraines, stiff joints, etc have an explanation. My diagnosis was curt and by phone by one of the Dr's office workers. "Your biopsy results are back, you have Celiac Disease. Quit eating gluten and we'll see you in 4 weeks." I make the follow-up appointment and my blood is tested - I am supposing for being glutened. The only advise I receive is a packet of xeroxed handouts with websites to go to. When I asked the nurse about recommendations for seeing a dietitian, "That's your job, honey, not ours". "You have to ask for it." I wonder how often one is diagnosed with cancer and is given the diagnosis, given handouts or told to "go check the internet".
  2. Where Are The Great Doctors?

    Guess I need to link up with some Celiacs in my area to ask this question. I have run into some ND's and either the fees are so expensive or they are slightly off the deep end of the treatment bend. Just wishing for someone that recognizes celiac disease and its complications.
  3. Where Are The Great Doctors?

    I have the same problem. I have Gastroenterologist that diagnosed me with Celiac and GERD in Oct. Basically all I received was a phone call with the biopsy results and told to go gluten-free. I was given 'handouts' to explain celiac disease and that's as far as it went. They now want another upper scope done to 'see how I'm doing'. After 4 months is there going to be any noticeable difference? And then what? Another handout? Is there such a thing as a doctor that treats a patient as a whole person? I go to a Neurologist, Orthopedist, Hematologist and Gynecologist and somewhere in there my GP will put a word in. However, none of my "body part" physicians seem to be able to link all of my symptoms and some just smirk when I mention that I am a Celiac. Is an Osteopath a viable option? I would like someone familiar with celiac disease and the other auto-immune difficulties that are associated with the disease. I am at the end of my rope and wallet as well. Any ideas?]" It seems like the majority of us here have to teach our doctors about gluten instead of vice-versa." is right!
  4. Hello, I'm new to the circuit, but I can give you a view on iron infusions with the chemical called Faraheme. I received two IV injections over a week apart. The nurses will establish an IV line and administer the drug through the line, slow push. I relaxed and read post injection. They will monitor you for at least 30 minutes post to watch for reactions. I had very good luck with the injections and felt much better within 3 weeks as far as energy levels and stamina were concerned. The only drawback I had with the injection is that I couldn't have an MRI (the results could be inconclusive for 90 days after iron therapy). I needed one for a possible orthopedic procedure and had to wait. I did not have benedryl pre-injection. The Faraheme has a very low reaction incidence. Good luck!