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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. When looking at my blood work these are the tests listed and the results IgA. 183. Ref 81-463 IgG. 1608. Ref. 694-1618 IgM. 122. Ref 48-271 I called to ask my doctors office if I had blood tests done to check for celiacs and they said yes I had the tissue tranglutiminase and the IgG. Is that these tests listed above? If so they claim it is negative for celiacs. Would the blood test specifically say " tissue trans glutiminase"?
  2. Does anyone experience facial twitching, nerve pain and joint pain?
  3. Thanks for all the helpful info Nicole. I have been trying to go gluten free for a few weeks, but have definitely not been 100%. I'm really disappointed that my doctor didn't do the correct testing when I was there. I am really puzzled by the responses had to the digestive enzymes. Both in the rapid reduction in symptoms when starting them and the rapid increase in symptoms upon stopping them. Yes, I definitely feel hypo.
  4. Free T3. 2.85. (2.30-4.20)Free T4. 1.19. (0.71-1.42) My doctor recommended going gluten free due to the allergy testing results, so now I'm thinking it may be too late to pursue more celiac testing...
  5. I recently went through testing with my doctor due to horrible SI joint pain, stomach issues and facial twitching. She ordered food allergy testing panel and I was allergic to gluten as well as quite a few other things. In looking at the blood work I'm confused if the correct tests were done for celiacs. IgA. 183. (81-463) IgG 1608. (694-1618) IgM. 122. (48-271) IgE 577. (<or=114) CRP 2.1. (<1.0) CD8-CD57+lymphs 26. (60-360) Human trans growth fact.beta 1. 5220. (334-2382) Thyroglobulin antibody. <20. (<=40) Thyroid peroxidase AB 224. (<35) Low iron, low magnesium Interestingly enough I recently had a tooth pulled and the oral surgeon recommended digestive enzymes for swelling. Within days of beginning them my stomach issues cleared up and my joint pain was gone. I stopped them 2 days ago for some stool testing and I am back in horrible pain and my stomach is acting up. I have a history of Lyme disease and psoriasis. I'm really confused as to what to do...with an allergy to gluten is it OK to eat it occasion? Do these tests show negative to celiacs?