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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Well, I asked for a T4 and T3, but by the results, it looks like they didn't do so and did the TSH test only. So I'm not sure what the next step is for that. Went for a celiac panel test too. I take antibiotics every 6 months, but never took probiotics post dosage. I have kept a food journal, and often at times I'd get cramps after eating tomatoes and lemons.
  2. I'm still trying to find out what's wrong with me that's been causing my many symptoms for years. I have gone on a gluten/dairy free diet which didn't help all much, but currently on the candida diet which some symptoms have subsided quite substantially but still have problems with seborrhoeic dermatitis. I've done allergy tests, gluten, dairy, thyroid... all came back negative. What I wanted to ask is, how accurate are thyroid tests? My brother has Hashimoto Disease, and he's experienced pretty much all my symptoms by the severity except for eczema. I just don't know what else that could be the cause of all these symptoms. Could still be possible an overgrowth of Candida issue I'm having, or could the thyroid be more likely? Maybe I should go for another test?
  3. Hey, yeah I'll see if I can. My mum has had liver problems in the past so maybe I should get it checked out. But I don't see why (if) my liver has anything to do with the symptoms I'm having ? I guess there's no harm in getting both tests down for my T4 and T3. Thank you for your reply Guess it's all part of the journey finding out what it actually is.
  4. Hello forum again, I got my Thyroid tested as requested, and also got other tests done. Again, just looking for anything out of the ordinary that I should look into? Many thanks
  5. Looking back through the years, I remember getting quite severe stomach aches when I consumed bourbon (with coke), and this was around 5 yrs ago. I was in my early 20's, without really understanding why I got this. 80% of the time I'd get cramps to a point I had to hunch over as it really hurt, like sharp stabbing pains and I couldn't walk much either. Being stubborn as I was, I kept at it, not understanding why I got this. Being on a gluten free diet now, I've been looking back and this rings a bell to perhaps a reaction of some kind? I usually had beer, but maybe 10% I'd get these cramps but weren't as severe. Is there gluten in bourbon? Any ideas what was happening?
  6. Oh right, I guess it can't hurt to get it checked out. Do you need to be on gluten or anything for testing?
  7. Yeah, they were negative, but mentioned my thyroid level was something to look at. My doctor said it was at normal levels, so I'm not sure whether to go for a thyroid test or not. I guess I'll keep going with the gluten free diet for a couple of weeks and see if the symptoms fade out?
  8. I know, it's only been 3 days without gluten but I find myself hard to keep up. Stomach troubles have no issue which is nice for once, but physically and mentally I'm struggling with. My eczema has flared up big time, more redness, itchy, irritating, dryness. I've had a headache for 2 days, not like a migraine though, but it's there... I'm extremely tired to a point I can't do simple things like chores, and my anxiety, depression and OCD has really made a bigger impact. The best way to describe is I'm plain miserable, and finding it very hard to keep going. I've been eating very healthy - yet I feel like I'm on one long hangover with more negative thoughts running through my head. Whats going on? Am I doing something wrong?
  9. I think it's all in good fun and not to be taking seriously. It is silly though - a gluten free dating site. I mean, if someone won't accept your allergy, they're no good for you. You're more of an individual, and makes you more interesting to others. What I thought was Ellen basically saying there are people out there who are close minded and ignorant.
  10. Coffee - Good Or Bad?

    Nice, well that's good to hear! Just thought I'd check.
  11. Personally, I've always had digestive issues when I consume coffee - every time. I know coffee acts as a stimulant which makes you need to go, but is it still considered a no go for gluten free diet?
  12. That's interesting, I'm sure no one hasn't had any issues with their thyroid, or at least I'm aware of. It's definitely something I would of not come across so I'll check it out with further interest. I get quite a lot of symptoms nvs, chronic headaches, migraines, facial eczema, abdominal pains, cramps, bloating, gassy, fatigue, muscle cramps along with psychological issues. I did go on a gluten free diet for a couple of weeks, and did notice lesser symptoms to an extent. Thank you both for your responses, makes all the difference.
  13. Hey forum, I went for a test and got my results back. I've attached the results and would like to see if anyone can find anything out of the ordinary? The results concluded that there's no evidence of coeliac disease. Would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.