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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Looks like there are no solid answers. Each person has different experiences. I went gluten-free a short time (I don't remember exact dates but they were close together) before I started taking Melatonin and didn't have any dreams before the Melatonin so I guess, for me, it's the Melatonin. It's interesting how differently it seems to affect (Celiac) different people.
  2. Why get rid of the Melatonin? I've read nothing but good things about it. In regard to your theory that the "new dreaming" has something to do with sleeping more soundly, I'm not sure I get that. You dream during REM sleep which occurs every 4 hours. So if you sleep 6 hours you should have a shot at dreaming. I've never been a long sleeper but I get at least 6 hours every night. Therefore I should've been dreaming. I didn't start until the Melatonin. I'm not sleeping longer or "deeper" I don't think. What relevance would that have to being gluten-free? Sorry, I'm relatively new to the whole thing and I'm not seeing a scientific reason there. Please educate me if you know. Thanks for your reply!
  3. Melatonin

    I've been taking Melatonin for a while now. (A few months.) Drugs don't usually work well on me (I have a high-tolerance to everything) so when I take them I take three 3mg tablets. That usually works really, really well for me. I agree with the above poster who says it doesn't make you feel wrecked the next day. When I take otc sleep drugs they mess me up. If I take store bought sleep aids to fall asleep on Monday night, I have to write off Tuesday as an up-all-nighter ahead of time. But with Melatonin I don't have that problem. The only thing I have noticed for sure is that my dreams have increased at an amazing rate. I've always been a non-dreamer. Never had any memory of them at all. But when taking Melatonin I dream a lot. The weird thing is I've heard people on these boards say that going gluten-free causes them to suddenly have dreams in a similar manner. My research on Melatonin (before taking it the first time) showed similar statements from non-celiacs who'd never taken Melatonin before. But since I started taking Melatonin the same time I went gluten-free I'm not sure which one it might be. Odds are it's the Melatonin if people from two different camps are displaying the same side-effect. For me, personally, it's kind of cool. After having spent the greater portion of my life not recalling my dreams, it's great to suddenly have them. They haven't been weird, trippy nightmares specifically...Just random dreams across the board. A minute portion scary but mostly just really vivid and common place now. I dig dreaming. It's great entertainment (for someone who's had less than a handful remembered their whole life.) Apparently, from my research, it's something the body produces to help regulate sleep cycles. It hits its peak of production at around 3:00am. Apparently the older you get the less your body produces in the "normal" cycle so that's why older folks fall asleep earlier and get up earlier. (I'm giving you the lay version of what I remember reading. I'm no physician so don't flame me on any inaccuracies in the above paragraph!) It's fun stuff and it's cheap. Give it a shot. (Apparently it's also greatly recommended as a Jet Lag cure.)
  4. I'm glad to have found this issue coming up here. I'm brand new to being gluten-free and am suddenly dreaming like crazy. I always thought it was funny that I didn't. As a kid I dreamed but then hit my teens and they just stopped. I've probably had 2 I remembered in the past 20 years. Then I went gluten-free and suddenly I'm a dreaming machine. I didn't think it was due to being gluten-free because I also started taking Melatonin to help me sleep (I've never been a great sleeper) and on various discussion boards regarding Melatonin, people say it makes them dream. So what's the deal? Is it the Melatonin or the gluten-free? Seems too much a coincidence that it's both. Does anyone know of any veriable medical research supporting the "suddenly dreaming" gluten-free claims?
  5. Wow! You're all incredibly generous with your ideas and suggestions. Thanks! Fortunately I live in the Los Angeles area where Health Food stores are pretty common so it's not as difficult as it must be for those living elsewhere in the country. What it all comes down to is FRUSTRATION at having to actually make some effort. (You take it for granted when you've been able to shop at any number of grocery stores for so long only to see that ability suddenly disappear!) I should consider myself lucky. I'm sure a lot of you out there have to travel many miles to find options. What's funny (and I'm sure many of you will laugh at me!) is discovering the price differences. I spent my whole life buying loaves of bread for next to nothing only to discover that the stuff I have to eat now costs $3.70 a loaf on the cheap end (and contains slices that are about the size of large postage stamps and taste like balsa wood!) But what're you gonna do? Just finding out that there ARE bread options made my day. Gotta see the sunny-side, right? What I've been noticing lately is that SOME food makers actually list on their labels "the items within this bag are processed on the same equipment that processes wheat, milk, nuts & soy based products..." etc. It's kind of cool. Thanks again for all your suggestions!
  6. Brown Rice. Thanks for the advice and rec, Jnkmnky but I'm not sure I'm ready for "ordering food" yet. I'm brand new to the diet (less than a week) and not yet ready to order stuff on-line that I've been buying in a store my whole life. (Yeah, I know, that's my problem, not yours!) At this point I'm looking for easy to find stuff in the stores. But I'll most likely end up ordering as soon as I get used to this new way of life. Thanks for the tips! Your descriptions almost make me want to order something now!
  7. Can anyone rec a store bought brand of gluten-free bread that isn't stone heavy? I bought my first loaf today of FOOD FOR LIFE WHEAT AND GLUTEN FREE BREAD at While Foods and while it's fantastic to make a guilt-free sandwich, the stuff's a little far from tasty. Do they make a gluten-free bread that's lighter and more "traditional"? I'm fortunate to not be allergic to the many other things a lot of people are so I'm fine with nuts, soy, and dairy stuff. Any recs or is this the way it is? (I'm not a baker so no recipes please!) Thanks!
  8. Dapsone Experiences? (from A Newbie)

    Thanks, Richard. I'm not looking for Dapsone to be a "free wheat card" I'm just curious about it's effects in regard to healing/stopping outbreaks due to accidentally exposures. Thanks!
  9. Help! Soy?!

    Thanks, Merika! Your post cleared up a lot of the questions/frustrations I've been having while reading posts here. Thank-you!
  10. Help! Soy?!

    Thanks for the answers! I'm telling you, this is kind of a mixed blessing. It's fantastic in that I finally know what's wrong with me but upsetting when I read these boards and see that there's no "One way" to deal with it. When you break a leg- You get a cast. When you get diagnosed with celiac disease, you get so many different reactions from different people affected by different things. It's kind of crazy what other people (all of us before we knew) take for granted in regard to the things we eat. I find it hard to believe that the federal government hasn't made it a law that foods with gluten (or gluten mimicking proteins) don't have to be plainly labeled. From the reading I've done it doesn't seem to be that we're any threat to the food industry as a whole. It's a small number of us. It sure would make shopping a lot easier!
  11. Dapsone Experiences? (from A Newbie)

    That is AWESOME to hear! I've had severe outbreaks since I was a small child (my mother actually has an entry in my babybook detailing, "the really bad rash you have all over!") and if there's a drug to help (along with the diet) it seems like a godsend. Hopefully my dermatologist is into it. I hope he will be since he was the one who diagnosed the HD but he said something awhile back about being concerned with liver/kidney effects. Here's hoping... Those of you who take it...If you take it while in the midst of an outbreak, does it quicken recovery time? And, is it pricey? I'll pay a million dollars if I have to but I'm hoping, since the drug is 100 years old, that it might be pretty affordable.
  12. I'm brand new to these boards and love them dearly but find myself tearing my hair out because so many different answers from different people make answers hard to find. I understand I should speak with my doctor and not get medical advice from a chatboard! But my question isn't about medical advice. It's about soybeans. On some posts it says to stay away from soy items on others it says soy is okay. I take vitamins and my Vitamin A & E is made up of soybean oils. Is that okay (as a general rule) or not? I understand that different people have different reactions, but as a whole, what's the deal with soybean oils? Thanks for your responses!
  13. Dapsone Experiences? (from A Newbie)

    Thanks so much. Will appreciate hearing from you Dapsoners too!
  14. Dapsone Experiences? (from A Newbie)

    I was on Erythromycin for a few years when another dermatologist originally thought it was a skin allergy and that worked pretty well. But I began cutting back to only one pill a day instead of 4 and the benefits aren't working any more. So maybe the Dapsone isn't needed. Erythromycin is pretty inexpensive. (I'll ask my doc for his recomendation, of course.) Are you constantly on the Tetracycline or do you take it periodically?
  15. Okay, first off let me say what a miracle it is to find this site and these boards! I've been a sufferer of DH ever since I was a child and it was always a sorrowful problem that's only now been "discovered" in my adulthood. But at least now I know. I've been reading a lot of stuff here about Dapsone. Obviously there's not one answer for everyone but I have a few questions before I pitch it to my doc. 1. How quickly does it work at stabilizing/decreasing outbreaks? 2. I know a gluten-free diet is the best way to go, but it sounds like a lot of you have eaten gluten (or been accidentally exposed to it) while taking Dapsone and have seen no outbreaks. Is Dapsone THAT powerful? (externally) 3. Is it expensive? and finally... 4. Since these boards are anecdotal there are hundreds of different perspectives/experiences. The one thing I'm worried about is the common mention of dairy allergies. My doc has never mentioned that. Is DH associated with that in a high percentage or is that just a coincidence amongst some posters? Sorry for the many questions (I'm primarily interested in the Dapsone answers) but I will deeply appreciate your replies before I see my doc. I'm deeply aware of the possible side-effects and the need to monitor both kidney/liver levels. Thanks!