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  1. First off I am glad to have found this site. It has helped me a lot and would love to get some more help for my symptoms. I of course Dr Googled myself into anxiety. Would love to talk to people who are going through the same things. My friends and family are understanding but are not going through the same thing. I will start with the basics. Age- 30 Sex- M Race- Eastern European(White) Duration of symptoms- Wednesday will be 3 weeks Dia. with Gilbert's syndrome 4 years ago, lactose intolerant, and dermatitis. DR said I might have IBS but never did any tests. Now to move on to symptoms. Which started 3 weeks ago. Weight loss(about 10 lbs) fluctuates 5 lbs a day. Diarrhea Mucus in stool. Some times only passing mucus Bloating Gas- both ends Hiccups Stomach Noises- A lot!!! Insomnia Anxiety Narrow Stools- Ribbon and pencil thin Anal Fissures Loss of appetite Brain Fog Some pain on both left and right side of body. Not constant. Not very painful just there occasionally. Most of those symptoms are still present to this day. So, I been dealing with some of the aforementioned symptoms for sometime now. This isn't something new but would get better after a couple days. Recently, they been sticking around. I started feeling bad about 3 weeks ago. Like on the couch for the better part of a week. I started feeling a bit better but the symptoms above are still happening. I been on a gluten free diet for about 2 weeks now. I did have a slim-jim which I didn't know had gluten in it a week ago but that's the only gluten I had since. My stools were going between hard pellets to water. I mean 0 solids. Now, my stools have been narrow. I did have 3 days of good BM's but now all thin, narrow, and ribbon like. This is what has me worried. I do see blood on my TP but I can make it happen even without using the bathroom. If I wipe hard enough I can cause small blood on the tp. Normally I feel good. Like no pain at all. The only things that I get is the narrow stool, gas, hiccups, and stomach noises. I can feel where the stomach noises are coming from which is normally left side near pelvis. My fear is of course is the narrow stool and the stomach noises. Dr googling myself led to Colon/Rectal Cancer. Which got my anxiety sky rocket. I did go see the doctor and she would like me to get a colonoscopy and endoscopy. I just got health insurance so I am waiting on my cards to come in to get that started.. I did take a FIT test for blood and the results were positive but the line was very faint. Has anyone else had these symptoms or have these symptoms currently? How long did it take you for the symptoms to go away and start feeling better? Any thing you can recommend I do or try? I apprentice just even getting to talk to someone. I would love thank everyone for that.