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Celiac disease has been my passion since my mom was diagnosed in early 2000's and my son was diagnosed at 18.  I started the 1st gluten free food dedicated manufacturing plant in the USA  before the FDA knew what it was. I traveled all over the USA to speak to doctors who knew about celiac. Then went to the biggest companies in the world to eductae them.  Sold my company to a major food company in 2007 with hopes they would bring gluten free to the mainstream - and they did!  https://www.bizjournals.com/buffalo/stories/2007/02/05/daily9.html (My roll is still sold at Subway! Disney still has my treats as well!)  My son now in his twenties suffers constantly with various symptoms.  I appreciate how far we have all come in understanding this auto immune disease and how to live with it.

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