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  1. Might I add....... I insisted that my doctor check my calcium level before getting the Prolia shot which is recommended by the drug company. I had been and am currently taking a vitamin with 125% daily recommended allowance of Vitamin D3 but contained no calcium. I also (on purpose) had been...
  2. Okay, I have read that if you are old and have had symptoms for a long time it is possible that the villi will never recover. If this is not true I probably don’t have anything to be concerned with. Thank you!
  3. I became very sick last October. I entered my symptoms into google and came back as celiac disease. I quit eating gluten and feel much better but my new doctor does not think I have celiac. She does not believe me. I also did the 23 and me and it said I have two variants- one from each parent. I...