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  1. The Mid-Hudson Gluten-Free Outings Meetup http://celiacdisease.meetup.com/113/ The Mid-Hudson Gluten-Free Outings Meetup is a new social group for people in the Hudson Valley who follow a...
  2. From everything I've read... yes, you can use the same cookie sheets, plates and silverware - Especially if they're not non-stick. There is concern that non-stick surfaces get scratched which can harbor some gluten even after washing. Cast iron may also pose this problem. Not everyone who is gluten...
  3. Thanks! I found them (Tinkyada shells) at whole foods today - Yay!
  4. I think that medium-sized shells might be the best bet, actually - Wonder which brand tastes the most like wheat pasta and keeps a good consistency when reheated? So far Tinkyada is my favorite but i don't know if they make shells
  5. I'm trying to make a traditional Ashkenazi Jewish dish called kasha varnishkes - It's a pilaf of sorts... made from carmelized onions, toasted buckwheat groats, and bowtie noodles. I have yet to find a gluten-free bowtie noodle - Has anyone seen them? Do they exist? If not, can you think of a...