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  1. Don't some doctors say that positive dietary response is proof enough? Seems if it's good enough for a doctor, it should be good enough for a celiac group!
  2. I have not been diagnosed with celiac disease, although I am suspicious. My daughter had a positive Enterolab test. Anyway, I have begun seeing a pulmonologist for asthma, and because pulmonary fibrosis runs in my family. I had a pulmonary function test which came out good, but I also had an x-ray which showed a granuloma in my right lung. I don't know much more than that at this point--I go back for another xray in 2 months to be sure it hasn't grown. Like I said, this is all new to me, and I am not diagnosed (although I have some slightly weird bowel issues and some definite skin reactions, based on a gluten challenge I did myself), so I'm definitely no expert. I'll be interested to hear what you find out, and I'll be sure to share my results once I follow up with the xray and once I get testing for myself through Enterolab (hopefully in the next few months).
  3. Oh uggh. Don't even tell me this. I have a son who had pneumonia once a month from age 6-14 months, when it was finally discovered that he was aspirating reflux into his lungs. He finally had surgery for reflux at 18 months. Now I'm wondering if he should be tested. I know eventually the whole family should be, but I just don't want to deal with this!!!
  4. I have a Grain Master Whisper Mill. It works excellently, and it has a lifetime guarantee on the motor. It is supposedly quiet, compared to most mills--I don't know how others sound, but this one is not exactly a whisper! Still, it has worked great for us for years, although I have used it for wheat primarily (meaning I suppose I'll have to replace it if I ever decide to grind stuff again....) You can google the name "Grain Master Whisper Mill" and it should bring up lots of results!
  5. Now that is an interesting thought. I have definitely gone nuts with the rice products--especially rice pastas. I make some kind of stir fry almost every day for lunch--it's something I've grown to LOVE. Maybe I'm obsessing?? Of course, it didn't help that spinach--my favorite green--was pulled from the shelves. Maybe I need to go back to my spinach salad for lunch....
  6. Kate, You may already be pretty sure it is celiac, based on dietary response and the replies here. But here's another thought to consider. I once had giardia, and its onset was really similar to what you desribed. Anyway, just something else to consider! I hope you find a definitive answer soon!
  7. Yep, another p00p thread. I spent my entire childhood constipated. My mom had me on Exlax so much, I still don't like chocolate bars to this day. She even made me drink castor oil. Anyway, for four years, I've had diarrhea primarily, with a few normal p00ps thrown in there. I've been gluten free (as best as I can, being new to this and all) for about 3? weeks now, and I'm am completely constipated! What is up with that? I mean, am I EVER going to have normal p00p in my life???? What am I doing wrong here???
  8. I think I'm having my first ever brain fog. I was sick all last week, and I took either Robitussin or Benadryl nightly so I could sleep. It has been three nights since I last had anything, and I still feel like I can't shake the cobwebs out of my head. It feels like I OD'd on Benadryl or something. Do these have gluten? I just can't figure this out, because I've never had "brain fog" as a symptom--at least not that I was aware of....
  9. To me, there's just an aftertaste that "bites." I'm glad some of you like it. Looks like I'll be enjoying my wine now. And if I get really desperate for a beer, there are five more New Grists in my extra fridge....
  10. I was actually in a place where I was able to buy a 6-pack of New Grist over the weekend. Tonight I opened a bottle...and YUCK! That stuff is nasty! Oh, I am so gonna miss my yummy Killians....
  11. Hi! I'm exactly forty, so can I join? Nails: Fingers are short and bare; Toes are either bare or have brown polish. Currently they are brown because when I took the polish off, they looked yellow. Yuck! Lipgloss: I wear different stuff--my favorite is Bath & Body gloss, although sometimes I just wear Carmex or something--my lips are so dry in winter!
  12. Thank you so much for all the ideas! One more question--what fast food places have gluten-free milkshakes? That would be a nice treat for her occasionally, I think!
  13. I'm finally facing the facts with my daughter and going gluten-free. For the most part, this won't be that traumatic. She has never liked sandwiches and likes very few crackers, so that is good. It hit me this morning that one biggie for her will be Sunday morning breakfasts. We have a tradition (going back to my childhood, many years ago) of having sweet rolls every Sunday morning. What would be a good replacement or substitute? Also, are there some crackers that your kids especially like? She is served crackers every day at preschool, and I want to send her own supply, but I hate to spend a fortune trying all of the ones out there. What about biscuits/rolls? She does love to have a good roll or biscuit with her dinner many nights. Is there a yummy substitute food for that? (It doesn't necessarily have to be something made with a gluten-free flour--maybe just an alternate food I'm not thinking of.) Thanks for any help or ideas! And pass along any other tips or especially yummy food for the preschool crowd!!
  14. I dunno...that Vanilla Bean stuff smells awfully yummy!
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