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  1. Hi, i heard about shampoos etc but didn't think much about it but will definitely look in to it, thanks. My bloating has subsided slightly snd this is since i change my vitamins from Holland and barrett to some online which are free from everything, nothing added to them and are still high...
  2. Hello. Thank you for answering my question. I will definitely look in to this, i did have a feeling it could be excess gases, i am on lansoprazole for reflux so maybe they aren't enough on there own.
  3. Hi i am new to here. I have been diagnosed with coeliac disease for about 7 months and all was going well with my diet, 1 month ago i found out i have lactose intolerance too, so again changed my diet. I now follow a gluten and lactose free diet strictly, i also decided to follow a vegetarian...