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  1. Wow, just a few days on AIP and my cough that was with me for a month has almost vanished and the strange taste in my mouth is gone completely. Thank you SO much. This was way better than the advice I received from my doctor. It's strange to think I've been essentially slowly poisoning myself...
  2. Thank you so much! I feel much better knowing that this can be greatly improved! My ALT levels were showing 61 - I believe normal is 50? Hoping I can improve those numbers I'm taking cocktail of vitamins as well as drinking green tea/coffee & adopting AIP diet.
  3. Thank you Knitty! This is SO helpful, I'm definitely going to switch to Paleo & AIP asap. I read that fatty liver disease can be reversible, were you able to accomplish that? This is a lot more information than I was expecting, hours of googling and I didn't find any of this. Thank...
  4. Hey all, Newly diagnosed Celiac, my mother had it as well so it seems I won the genetic lottery (Wohoo!) I'm a little on the scared side as my mom wasn't diagnosed until it was much too late and hers advanced her into liver disease, then cirrhosis of the liver which lead to her passing...