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  1. Thanks for all of your replies. Re the stomach ache I agree, although i actually had a similar thing for about 5 days a month ago and yesterday i had it again. That being said I think stress compounds it so i'm willing to accept that part might be psychological. What concerns me a little is...
  2. Hi again, Just wanted to post the article i was referring to. Its pretty clear that its unlikely i have Celiac. https://www.dhm.com.au/media/Multisite8418/dhm_information-for-clinicians_coeliac-disease_201501.pdf "Deamidated IgA and IgG gliadin antibody assays IgA and IgG antibodies...
  3. Hi All, I recently went to a new doctor doctor as i had a stomach ache for 7-8 days. She tested me for a few things, Celiac being one of them. My previous bloods 4 months ago had indicated Anemia Ferritin - 28L & 22L (30-400). The recent Ferritin test was higher at 51. My Celiac tests...