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  1. You mentioned that many of your drinks contain citric acid; one of the other threads mentioning citric acid stated that it CAN be made from corn, but doesn't necessarily have to be. If you're as reactive to corn as I am, you'll definitely want to try eliminating the citric-acid type drinks. Hope this helps!
  2. One of my naturopathic doctors told me to get off the iodized salt due to my potato allergy, as it is used in the iodization process; I have also read on this forum that corn can also be used as well, to which I am equally as allergic. So I keep on the lookout on product labels for sea salt, which, unfortunately is not used as much as I would like to see...oh well!
  3. It's a drive for you, but Marysville has one @ The NW Center For Optimal Health 360-651-9355
  4. Corn absolutely kills me, moreso it seems than wheat; maybe it's because it's in everything as a sweetner these days. Does soy bother you? If so, the garlic powder can be a source.
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