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  1. Thank you 🙂 I did not realize that Costco was like that...wow! I like that I do not necessarily have to shop at the high end grocery stores. It is expensive. What about juicing as part of our diet? Bags
  2. I think that it might be in your best interest to get the bloodwork done. I had symptoms for about 7 years and had never done the bloodwork that tests for Celiac disease. Now, I feel less pain (providing I do not have anything gluten...hard to do it every time when it is all new to you) and can not...
  3. Using forums is new to me so if there are multiple posts that look similar, I apologize. I will learn! Lol
  4. Thank you for your comment. You have a lot of ideas that I can feel comfortable using! That is a great idea 🙂 I took your advice and I did a quinoa recipe that had raisins and toasted pine nuts which was good and did not tear up my insides (3 ingredients). Additionally, I tried a banana with al...
  5. I know I am having the same issue! Being a newbie to finding out that I have Celiac disease has made for a very uneducated person. It is scary to know how easily a cross-contamination can occur. The pain that I seem to get often if I have the tiniest bit of gluten is immense and makes me bedridden...
  6. I just found out today that I have Celiac disease. I was wondering what foods are definitely ok to consume that does not have gluten? I am scared to eat because the pain is so bad and I just got over the symptoms (it lasted over 3 days).