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  1. Ive stuck to the gluten free diet in the end. GP wants me to try an introduce gluten foods back in. But I have accidentally consumed it on some days and get those symptoms again. Think I am just going to stick to gluten free since I am having no problems.
  2. I eat gluten foods everyday in my normal diet before the bloods. Consumed bread, gluten foods as per normal. The bloods came negative. It was only after the blood test results I decided to try a gluten free diet. It has been nearly two weeks. I consumer a gluten free diet and was feeling...
  3. Hi all, I am from the UK and have had tummy trouble over the last few years. I sometimes get really bad constipation and diarrhea alongside vomiting. I also have a lot of bloating and stomach/addominal pain on a regular basis. Anyway I recently got in touch with my doctor and suggested I take...