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Matt McFaul

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  1. I was going to make a new post describing what happens to me, but you said it perfectly. I experience the exact symptoms. I guess you answered that for me 😕
  2. Thanks, I'm learning a lot, just today alone. My main problem with cooking, is that I live in a place where I don't really have access to the sink. Slobs in the house always have the sink full, and because of extreme sports, my back and hips can't handle standing at a counter, or that slight lean...
  3. good grief...you just hit today's problem spot on. I had a reaction to oatmeal. Slightly breaking out, burned the roof of my mouth, basically wheat makes my mouth raw. I had googled "instant oatmeal gluten free", and came upon a website that said that all instant oatmeal was gluten free. So I...
  4. That's exactly what works for me. My ideal diet, which puts me in the best health, is literally the Blood Type O diet, in every way. The problem is that I am now disabled and since disability denied me until I was outside of having worked 5 or the last 10 years, they won't give me any more then...
  5. I climbed the Pinnacles National Monument daily for many years, jogged the 12 miles around it, cycled 32 miles a day, all while destroying my joints with gluten. It took a medication damn near killing me in order for me to wake up and see what is going on. Now I can look back over my life and everything...
  6. omg 😛 Great, I'm an idiot. That would explain a lot, and over 25 years too 😕
  7. Hello, I am new to Gluten free thing, but have definitely had a problem with it all of my life. I am having trouble getting in enough calories. I like all the gluten free food that I have tried, however most are soups and only around 130 calories. With that in mind, I ordered several crates of...