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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Well it can take quite awhile to heal sometimes. Yes prilosec will help it helped me a lot when I got diagnosed with acid reflux but by age 19 I was still getting sick and thats when they diagnosed me with Celiac.. Be patient and STICK to you diet. I know it is hard and it sucks but if you don't then you can die. As for your cysts I have not had any of those. I did get stunted growth, and a bone disease in my knees and I am anemic. I feel your pain. It will all be okay.
  3. So I am in medical school and did my theme paper on Celiac. It is amazing how many people looked at me dumb founded when I started talking about it. I taught a lot of people a lot of new things tonight and I learned a few new things about it myself researching for my paper.. I got really nervous but I did a good job!!
  4. So I think that if the president were to get enough letters from Celiac patients about the costly prices of gluten free foods that maybe he would lower them... Who is with me on this one?? It is rediculous and outrageous.. I go to the store and when I get to the health food section I get so furious.
  5. Well I hope it works I am 23 and was diagnosed 5 yrs ago and I just did a report on it because I am in med school and you are right no one ever knows what it is... I am thinking about writing someone because the prices for gluten free food is rediculous...
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