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  1. Pure decandent chocolate chip gluten-free cookie dough social 1800 Lakewood Court, Clubhouse, Eugene Off hiway 99 across from Embers January 16, 2007 6-8 PM Questions: 942.8252 or 343.0459
  2. Eugene Gluten Intolerance Group Next Meeting: Thursday, December 7, 2006 from 6pm – 8pm Cookie Exchange, bring one to share and one to raffle 1800 Lakewood Court, Eugene, OR (club house) 3.3 miles south of Beltline off Hwy 99 across from Embers in the back 541.543.4100
  3. Would like to know if anyone else has Osteopporsis and what they are doing to help reverse it? I am new to this way of chat so it might take time to get use to it. So far I am doing well. I have lymphatic drainage massage weekly and that has helped with many things. I take supplements,enzymes and eat scd legal 100%. I do not cheat and for the first time in my life have so much energy, and can eat without throwing up. I am working out with a trainer for weight bearing exercises. A occasional massage does me well. Has anyone been able to turn there osteo around being on scd? I do know Rome was not built in a day and it takes time...
  4. I never had (D) but I had major throwing up that was the problem was the digestive track. I had major © but being on scd for 2 years I am doing much,much better. I never really did well on eating gluten-free products. Been doing so much better on scd that it is actually fun to cook and I look forward to trying new recipes. Somebody gave me a german chocolate cake recipe all legal on scd which I have not tried yet,but soon will. I love to make my own ice cream and frozen yogurt and sorbet. It also so much fun and eat and not get ill after eating. Not really worth it to eat the illegals. The scd is very fullfilling. Never once have I ever wanted anymore. Dont eat the illegals and you will gain much more in better health My question is does this way of eating scd help with osteoporis? I take digestive enzymes, legal supplements along with eating scd. Can I turn this around? Any more suggestions to help myself.
  5. I probablly have all the same books you have, am looking for a good ginger cookie. I just made the waldorf salad int he bTVC book and added chicken and instead of mayo I used yogurt and honey. mmm good! I also bought myself a cusinart ice cream maker. I have made many sorbet. I like honey grapefruit and lemon sorbet. My granchildren love my frozen yogurt and they even help to make it. I also like the many recipes, like a green bean salad and many other dishes. I made fried chicken the other night with grated parmasan cheese and almond flour.... mmmm good! It is such a joy to cook now and eat!
  6. SCD is specific carbohydrate diet I have been on scd 2 years and I feel wonderful. gluten-free didnt do a thing for me except to get my candida and pain worse. It is very easy to be on this way of eating and heal my gut. Tried great recipes and can live this way forever. No turning back. www.austinscdfriends.com This is a wonderful site with much information .
  7. I tried the gluten-free diet and did not do well,was bored with eating. My candida issues was off the charts and even tho my DH got better I was still in a fog and still ill with everything, allergic to everything. An alternative MD gave me the book "Breaking the Vicious Cyle" by Elaine Gottschall. I have been on this way of eating for almost 2 years and have healed my gut and am doing so much better. I enjoy eating now and have not strayed. I can eat this way for the rest of my life. The web sites that have helped me www.austinscdfriends.com www.BTVC.com and www.pecanbread.com www.scdrecipe.com
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