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  1. Hi, everyone. About three weeks ago I was diagnosed with sprue after having an upper and lower endoscopy. A bit of my history: I'm 22, and three months ago my total iron level was 14 (it's supposed to be 35-150, or so) which is why I had the endoscopy. From reading these boards, I believe that the combination of my hypocondria (I only went to the doctor originally because I had a headache), my overly conscientious doctor (my hemoglobin and hematicrit levels only indicated mild anemia), and my father's history (lymphoma was found after presenting with anemia, which is the only reason the GI felt the endoscopy and biopsy during endoscopy were necessary) led to a correct diagnosis much sooner than most. Going by when I really began losing a significant amount of weight (I lost about 25 pounds since November, 15 of it in the past three months), I think the celiac couldn't have been triggered more than a year ago. My question is, do you become more gluten intolerant after going on a gluten-free diet? At this point, I never really felt sick, other than from my severely low iron, and as soon as my doctor put me on a high dose of iron I felt better. Right now I don't feel like eating something that may have been contaminated with gluten, but doesn't actually contain gluten, is going to effect me. Will staying completely gluten-free make me more sensitive? Also, I'm a vegetarian, and the majority of my protein used to come from fake meat products, but those all contain wheat. Are there any gluten-free brands of TVP? Thanks, Julia
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