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  1. thanks everyone for replying. it doesn't sound so bad. i don't know, it's a big long word and a big long tube. what can i say, the little things freak me out sometimes...
  2. i've been doing some minor research into endoscopies, and i have a question for those who have had them for celiac disease. the description states that the procedure is 'minimally' invasive and does 'not have to be preformed through a natural opening', which isn't exactly descriptive. so, just to simplify, how and where do they do it? and, was the experience bad, good, or neither? thanks.
  3. i actually buy food that i used to be able to eat just so i can watch my fiance eat it, but i get in trouble if i start to smell it and i have to leave the room to restrain myself. and sometimes, i ask him about what he eats for lunch (like pizza and bagels), totally fishing you know, just so he can tell me how 'terrible' it was. i'm a voyeur and i totally have gluten envy!
  4. i'm glad (that might not be the right word) that others are going through the same stuff. and, off topic, i visited your blog, which is very very cool. kudos!
  5. thanks for replying, i think these are all things i need to hear. i really appreciate being welcomed into this community. right now, i'm beginning to realize the impact this disease has on your life and how much it really alters it. i have to admit, as melodramatic as it sounds, i feel a sense of loss and it is very hard to communicate these feelings to non-celiacs. i love food, and miss things like care-free dining out and all of the social interaction that goes along with that. i don't want to have to neurotically (sp?) stand watch over everything i consume, and have to explain it over and over again to people who don't understand or sometimes don't care about the impact of an exposure. in short, i'm very grateful there's a network of people out there that can help me understand this disease and how to deal with it.
  6. i've had stomach problems and health issues like anemia and rashes for years. my grandmother is a celiac, so on a whim i went on the gluten-free diet thinking maybe this is it. well, after the first month i felt incredible and that horrible bloating went away, the rashes are subsiding, and as far as the anemia goes i'm feeling less tired and a bit more energetic. about two weeks into my new diet, i was (a word i learned here) glutened and became violently ill (vomiting, etc.). so i feel as though i more than likely have the disease, but my problem is that i don't have insurance and it will be a long time (months) before i will get health insurance so i can't go and get tested. i intend to get tested when it is a possibility, but for now it's a really strange place to be--not really knowing. have other people gone through something like this? any advice?
  7. so, i just went out to eat at a japanese rest. and the waiter wasn't sure what kind of soy sauce they used, but assured me it would be fine. of course, i'm not willing to suffer the consequences so i didn't eat it, but ended up getting mild food poisoning from the tuna in the sushi. should i be glad i'm having a stomach problem that isn't related to celiac disease? just kidding... anyway, what i really want to ask is if someone out there has a list of soy sauces that contain wheat and those that do not, because that might make asking the waitperson and getting the right answer that much easier. does anyone have any tips on eating out asian, because it seems there is alot of asian foods we can still eat since the majority of their starches come from rice? celiac disease can be so limiting, i love learning there are more 'safe' foods out there!
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