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  1. Nausea Question

    Wow, that's very interesting! I'm so glad that you are feeling better and able to know what to do to prevent all the vomiting. It makes me wonder about my first trimester, I never threw up (except for when I had the stomach flu) and the nausea wasn't that bad-maybe being gluten-free had something to do with it? So sorry to hear about the cleft lip.
  2. I won't even bother having her tested, have her go on the diet now! Remind her that it is for baby and to give baby the best chance possible she needs to do this! When she delievers it's up to her what she wants to do but if she could at least do it for her little one!
  3. I agree with everyone about the risks of cheating, just one thing to add, you might as well get use to not doing it now. Cravings are even stronger pregnant! What can't you find an alternative for? We would love to help. Although I do have a few things I'm thinking of taking bites of after baby comes , I figure one cheat more than a year later should be ok right? Naughty! Folic acid is very important, but not something to stress over. Just get a prenatal and make sure it has enough Folic Acid (some say 800mcg some say 1mg so I do 1 mg) and is gluten free and start taking it everyday. Once you are in this habit it becomes second nature. Then just eat as healthy as you can and please try not to stress.
  4. Have you told your doctor about the headache, shakiness, etc? It sounds to me like you might be hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) or have something with your blood sugar going on. Maybe they checked this with your blood tests though? If not, I would call them and request to be tested and see what is going on. I have friends who are just constantly hungry pregnant but this really sounds like something more is going on, IMO. Here's a link for weight gain in pregnancy, if you were underweight which it sounded like then it's recommended you gain 28-40 lbs.
  5. Congratulations! Really dairy isn't your best source of calcium anyway, the other ingredients in it actually leach calcium out of your bone so not being able to do dairy really isn't a concern. Green leafy veggies are the best for calcium and a supplement (which I take as well). I'm not concerned about not doing dairy (although I do cheat once in awhile, it doesn't seem to bother me). I do make sure to take my supplement though and make sure it has Vit D in it too. For the rest, I just eat like I normally do, just more. Lots of things made out of rice and corn, veggies, fruits etc. So far I am fine on the weight gain (I'm 21 weeks) and baby is measuring well. From everything I read it's so much more harmful not to be on the diet for baby so I don't worry about it. Most of the stuff I crave with gluten really isn't that great for me anyways (pizza, cake, cake, um more cake ) BTW, finding out I was gluten-intolerant is why I am pregnant so I'm loving it!
  6. Yes, isn't that the truth! I tried heating the lunchmeat and thought it was nasty hot. It can be a big challange to come up with stuff to eat sometimes, I was so sad to learn I had to iliminate even more stuff from my diet. But so worth it!
  7. Congratulations! I'm 15 weeks and my nausea definelty came and went from about 7 weeks to 12 weeks. It depended on the day, some days I was fine. It is hard not to worry, but some women never have nausea and baby is just fine. And it's normal to be nervous, I've been nervous plenty! For me, eating when I started getting hungry was a huge key, I carried around almonds with me-that really helped!
  8. I definelty think gluten is incredibly related to infertility! I too had very regular, horribly painful periods. Have you had a lap? I do believe I had to have the endometriosis cleaned out to become pregnant but without the gluten free diet, I don't think pregnancy would have happened. The first period I had after starting gluten free was actually tolerable, I could make it with just some Ibuprofen, the second period I didn't need any Ibuprofen (I usually took I think it was 36 pills per period!!). The surgery actually had made them worse . The third period didn't happen, I was pregnant! Looking back I can see how improved I was on the diet from it. I am a little nervous about how soon I did get pregnant after reading the risks of miscarriage. That is scary as well. I'm not sure about the FSH but I do believe that hormones play a huge part. When we aren't getting the nutrition we need, none of our body can work right. To me it makes sense that the hormones won't be working right too. I'm so sorry you are going through this.
  9. Hi! I haven't had miscarriages so I can't say specific to that but I have had 2 years of infertility before going gluten free. 2 months later I was pregnant. I am 14 weeks and so far things are great. I was nervous getting pregnant so soon after my diagnosis but it was God's will and obviously I had healed enough to get pregnant. I don't think we can totally know how healed we are, I think I good gauge of it is how you are feeling. I know I was feeling better in 2 days and tons better in a couple weeks. As someone mentioned fertility does decline with age as well as risks in pregnancy go up so you have to weigh that as well. I was told you start healing when you stop gluten but for complete healing it can take 2-3 years. So maybe ask your doctor the best time to start trying?
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