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  1. they've tested 'my thyroid' several times and it always comes back normal. ??
  2. oh yeah....I've learned ALL about all that stuff...more than I ever thought I would or could or wanted to. A good book is 'taking charge of your fertility' by toni weschler. We know all about abstaining at the right times and timing sex and predicting ovulation and all that. I even own a saliva microscope and a fertility monitor amongst many other books and things. I'll look into him taking more C but other than that I don't feel like there's much hope for us. 10 days? Did you just have to make one trip? Now you have to make two trips and the time spent in russia can total several weeks I believe. Both adoptive parents are required to go on the first trip (when you get the referral) and only one has to go back the second time but it still seemed like a lot of time...I'll have to look that up again.
  3. I have NOOOOOO idea of course....but just wanted to chime in and say it definately sounds like it's time to make a switch of Drs. I've learned in dealing with our infertility even that you so often have to be your own advocate. And I refuse...REFUSE to go to a Dr. that treats me like that and would even think to say things like 'you have more time YOU research it'!!!! I'm just amazed at how rude and insensitive people can be!!!! Hoping you find the right Dr. soon!!!!!!
  4. yeah the urologist recomended several vitamins and things he's been taking for over a year now. One os the vitamin c, and several others they said were good to try and help swimmers....hasn't done anything for us yet though. Course he hasn't had an SA (semen analysis) since then so maybe it has made SOME difference? Not enough apparently though. Anyhoo. Yeah russia scares a lot of people off that I've talked too just cause of the $ alone...or that and the required travel time. Course adoption period scares a lot of people off for those same reasons.
  5. So I'm reading all about people losing hair and teeth and gum issues and skin issues and all kinda of stuff I had never thought about. And I'm wondering too....I haven't had hair loss (then again my hair used to be SOOO thick that if I've lost some maybe I just didn't notice?) but I have noticed a change in my hair these last few/couple years. It used to be soft and shiny and healthy and it's not anymore. No matter what I do or don't do to it as far as washing and styling and all that. It's not shiny...it's very dull....and more wirey feeling -not soft. I just saw skin issues brought up here but didn't read about it- will have to look into that more too. I don't have many skin problems- and when I was younger I had NONE but these last few years I've dealt with breakouts and stuff...but that could be a lot of things and might not even be the type of problems associated with the gluten stuff. Then there's the weight stuff....I've never been a bean pole but when I was toward the end of college I really started putting on weight and have been ever since. I can't seem to lose. or this last year or two- even gain. Although I have gained a few pounds recently. I've tried the cruves diet, atkins diet and Weight watchers...all for at least a month each. When I did the curves diet I was also working out a few days each week at curves. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. No differences. Except maybe very minute. And then I have major bathroom problems....pooh. bleh. So I've thought it sounded like a malnutrition/malabsorbtion problem....and it's all starting to make more sense... But my one big question is.....now I'm wondering what OTHER things could be the culprit? If it's not the gluten stuff....I don't even know where else to begin looking. anyway- guess I'm just rambling and venting. Don't mind me.
  6. I've been on metformin/glucophage before too when it was thought I might have pcos (still not for sure but checking out other things now) so I know what kind of pills you're talking about- those are the kind that should NOT come out whole. They're large and very...well the consistency of asprin or something...it's not coated or anything like that. AND they give a NORMAL person issues with the bathroom and D esp. when you first start taking them.... what does are you on? 500mg?? I would for sure call your Dr. and see what they say. Seems pointless to take it if it's not being absorbed at all. Hope you get it figured out soon!
  7. oh wow...I was just thinking about this yesterday and wondering if they had tests like this. Interesting. My husband had to do the same thing with urine...had to collect it in a jug over a course of a couple days and take it back to the dr. lab. So when do they like for you to do this test? That's one of my BIGGEST problems is the big d and all those urgent trips...I wonder if that test would benefit me. It does seem a bit embarassing though....all I know is I wouldn't want that job! lol
  8. oh really?? I didn't even know you could go independant like that in russia- wonder if you can still?? Hmmm cause that's another detterent (sp? eek) from that country...as it's one of the higher costing ones...close to $30,000 and up from what we've seen so far. Very discouraging. Seems so unfair but that's another post on another board. Male factor- means I'm pretty much 'working' okay....as far as that stuff goes at least. **rolls eyes** He has low testosterone and VERY low count and very very very low motility. Pretty much he doesn't have many swimmers and the few he does have don't really move....which is a problem apparently. Natrually we were told by specialists that we can do somet things to try and help (which we are- like the different vitamins and things) but it's small potatoes. We'd need IVF (in vitro fertilization) but for many reasons only one of which is $$ (of course insurance doesn't cover it and it costs upwards of $20,000 a cycle here or more). So....adoption is our only hope of having children. We'd always talked about adopting internationally before we even knew we had infertility problems...wanted to do both. But now I guess we'll just be doing one. I just want to be a momma! And he would be SUCH a great dad!!! He WILL be. We've just been kinda taking a break from any of that stuff though as last year was especially hard after we finally received a diagnosis. Husband said he wanted to be 30 (for some reason????) before we even started the adoption process...and he'll be 30 in June and if we adopt from somewhere like china he'd have to be anyway (me too but I'm just a few months behind him) so....sometime this next year we're hoping to start the process. Still not sure where to go- like I said we were wanting to adopt from ukraine and that's out for the moment and then a lot of the other eastern european countries we were looking at seem to be more difficult for us to adopt from. Geesh it's not like we weigh 500 pounds either. Oh well....sorry I can get talking about this stuff LOTS once I get started.
  9. oh my goodness...you guys are making me so hungry!!! the chinese stuff- I haven't had that in forever anyway cause as I tell my husband...I like it okay but it doesn't like me....so that's something I've avoided anyway and won't miss. But twinkies and bread.....!!!! It's so hard....I'm new here btw- hi! I'm not diagnosed yet but my mom has all kinds of stuff (they think it's crohn's disease too and she has gallbladder disease...or did when she had a gallbladder- not that you're ever the same anyway) and I'm trying to go gluten-free to see if that's what's wrong with me per the recomendation of my Dcotors and I've been experiencing all kinds of stuff like the fatigue (they also think I have adrenal fatigue!) and depression and all (oh yeah I have sleep apnea too but not sure if that's connected or not?)....so I keep trying to tell myself gluten might be very BAD for me. I see where you're coming from though cause this is really hard to wrap one's head around. I mean I used to be able to eat whatever....but as time goes on it gets worse and worse. And then I keep thinking...it's not like a traditional diet (that doesn't work anyway cause it's just that- a diet - and not a life change like it should be) where a little every once in awhile is okay....it isn't. That's the thing that's hardest for me at this point. Good luck to you!!
  10. you know I got to thinking.....I actually tried going without dairy for several weeks by the recomendation of my Dr. cause he thought I might be lactose intolerant....but I didn't notice any difference....course that was also a year or two ago. I'll have to give that thought I guess. I LOVE cheese!!!!! Carla- actually our issue is male factor....and as far as I know I have no problems ovulating...although at my appointment the other day the NP thought my progesterone was a little low....anyhoo. It'd be a miracle either way.....so there will always be a sliver of hope but I pretty much have none. We were originally wanting to adopt from ukraine but they're closed for adoption right now I believe....and russia was another one we were really looking at (I may have to ask you lots of questions later if we get to go that way!!!)....but I think we wouldn't be able to adopt there because of weight resrictions as my husband and I are both overweight...makes me so mad that weight can dictate that with things like adoption....nobody says fat people aren't allowed to get pregnant!! Anyway...tangent sorry. Also Russia's travel requirements right now...I'm not sure if we could pull it off. If it's meant to be though I guess right?? Do you mind me asking what agency you went through? Was it someone local to you or more national? matilda....thanks for sharing your side of things. I thought a week seemed awfully quick but that's what they said. Hmm....guess I'll just have to keep on with the trial and error stuff. It's just so confusing sometimes and a lot of wondering involved....I can see why even know you keep wondering about cc and different things. bleh.
  11. NO not cheese!!!!! Oh sadness I hope not. My mom hasn't been able to have dairy for awhile...but then they just told her she can have certain cheese and can make her own yogurt and stuff- something about the cultures. Did I already mention that? I'm so forgetful. So the bacon should have been okay then? I actually just orered a book recomended by one of my Dr's http://www.amazon .com/Adrenal-Fatigue-21st...TF8&s=books it's Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st-Century Stress Syndrome (Paperback) by James L. Wilson (Author), Jonathan V. Wright (Author) I'll have to check out that other one you mentioned too- it looks good. Thanks so much for all the tips!
  12. I'm SO excited lost is back on!!! I think it was pretty good...a little slow moving sometimes for a season premier maybe? But hey it was LOST and I loved it. the parts with sawyer in the cage trying to get a fish biscuit were my fave too!!! LOL
  13. Okay....I'm not sure yet that I even have a gluton intolerance or anything but the chances that I have SOME kind of tummy/bowel disorder is very strong as that stuff runs in my family. Actually my mom is being tested right now to see if she has crohn's disease or the ulcerated something rather. She's had gallbladder disease as well. I've had bathroom issues for years now. It started in college I think? These last few years have been especially bad and keep getting worse. It doesn't seem (at outward appearances...of course now I'm getting more educated on the subject) to matter what I eat- it sends me to the bathroom sooner or later and usually MUCH sooner. I know I know....it's ALL going to send you to the bathroom cause it's supposed to come out eventually. lol But I have to rush more than the average person. It's usually a close call and sometimes...well....it's not good. I HATE having these issues. Sometimes I'm not even though the whole meal and have to rush to the bathroom and it all explodes out of me. yeck!!!!! ANYWAY. So a couple Dr.s have thought I have a gluten intolerance (as well as adrenal fatigue syndrome...and I've been dealing with moderate to severe depression especially these last 2 years...AND just found out I have sleep apnea and have been on a cpap machine for about a month now...guess they could all be related huh?) and told me to do the gluten free diet for at least a week. So I went to the wild oats store yesterday and stocked up on some stuff. I didn't know where else to go or what to look for in labels (I just today found the forbidden ingredient list here- thanks!) or anything and it can seem pretty overwhelming. Well so we went out to lunch today at applebees. I had read a couple posts here about applebees and talked to another friend that has gluten intolerance (who isn't worried about cc so much and I thought since I'm just starting out with this I thought maybe cc wouldn't be an issue with me since my system isn't use to not having gluten stuff....but the more I think about that it doesn't make sense- it made sense at the time though!) to see maybe what I could eat. So I went and ordered a burger without the bun and asked for no seasonings on it besides salt/pepper....said the bread can't even touch anything. Got cheese and bacon on it (applewood bacon?? and chedder cheese I think??). I also got the smashed potatoes cause I had read here that someone said it was 'safe'. Well...I thought I had done okay....oh and just drank water too. But as soon as we got back....it HIT me. Just like it seems to always do. So did I eat something wrong or could it have been cc or is it maybe something totally different??? I'm so confused and frustrated and tired of dealing with these problems. I want them to get better....but then if this IS it it makes me mad that I have to worry what I eat so much. Anyway....ANY help is much appreciated thanks!!!!!! Oh yeah- and I'm a super picky eater too so that makes this 'diet' a lot harder! I really love breads and potatoes and cheese. Thanks again!!! Mel, 28
  14. Kentucky

    Hello fellow Kentuckians!!! I'm from Louisville too! I haven't been diagnosed yet with the gluten intolerance but the Dr's said to try the gluten-free diet for about a week and I'm getting ready to do that...just so overwhelming!!! Anyway I had just heard about the group here in louisville and hope to attend a meeting next time. I'll have to look it up and put it on my calendar! btw my name is Mel and I'm 28.
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