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  1. I had the same experience at Target. In fact, the pharmacist seemed annoyed and just kept repeating that it does not say "gluten" on any of their labels. Gee thanks Target pharmacy! I wonder if anyone knows of a list of gluten free meds for a brand like Target. You are right, the cost effective aspect is worth the extra research. I can't find anything though.
  2. I understand and have felt this same frustration. With family and friends. I have come to the realization that I have to own it when I go out, anywhere. I always take my own food, always check ahead if it is a restaurant. I don't eat anything unless I am aware of the prep and every ingredient. Convenient, no. I have been sick from BBQ's, friend's well-intentioned meals, my own husband. It's not that they don't care about you, it's that they really don't understand. Keep it in your control and don't rely on anyone. You know by now you are alone in this. It is too bad, but that is why we have message boards like this. Anyone have tips on taking food to social gatherings so it doesn't cause disruption of discomfort? Anyone with ideas on how to always be prepared? I'd like to hear more too. Take care of you, and when that happens, you'll feel better about others too. Even if they'll never get it!
  3. Hello there. I am a wine lover, but am extremely sensitive to gluten so avoid most other things. I have read the other replies and they are all correct about DISTILLED alcohol. I stay with gin, vodka and the clear stuff. If it doesn't say distilled, don't chance it. Mixers are tough. Most times, bartenders probably don't know and are too busy to find out exactly what is in them, so find a few options in brands and request those. I stay away from margaritas unless I mix them myself. I am also wary of chopping boards that are cross contaminated when restaurant/bartenders cut the fruits to put in the mixed drinks. What is your fave drink, or a few of them? If you can find those brands that are G.F. and stick with just a few drinks each time you socialize, you won't go wrong. Cheers!
  4. I have had chronic sleep issues for most of my life. I believe it is due to the anxiety caused by getting the flu symptoms related to gluten intolerance. Being a Celiac, I now follow a pretty strict gluten-free diet, but do get derailed whenever I eat out. On those nights I take 5-10 mg of Ambien. I don't know if it would work for you b/c if you are taking it at 3 AM You'd most likely still be groggy when waking for work as it needs a good 6-8 hours. I feel your pain though! Whatever you do, don't watch TV news. Try a book, a classic, a really really boring one and keep a hot bottle on your tummy. Best of luck, Heather
  5. HAHAHA! That's great. Add: You've been sent to every specialist from psychiatry to gastroenterology and you STILL had to figure it all out by yourself. Thank you for the funnies, keep them coming. I've spent so many years thinking I was nuts from chonic flu symptoms and now I can see the light!
  6. Thank you Lynne! I will get to work on asking around. It doesn't seem like Celiac Disease is known well to the med. community at large so I will dig deeper. I really appreciate your fast repy b/c I suspect at least one of my kids( ages 6 and 3) have this too and they are getting bloodwork in the coming weeks. If I find a great primary I'll certainly let you know. Heather
  7. H.S.- You are not alone. It feels like it, because being ill is a lonely experience. Just focus on telling him simple things, like Wheat and it's derivatives=the flu. I found my husband with his knife in the peanut butter that I clearly labeled G.F. and I thought he got it. I wonder if anyone really "gets it" unless they are in it. You have young children as I do and he of all people needs to understand you are and they are a PRIORITY. If Mom isn't happy, no one is happy! If he is able to see a physical change( ie you become more energetic, etc.) once you are G.F, that should solve some of this. I am sorry you have to hurt emotionally when this is tough enough physically. I feel your pain. HAHAHA- quite literally! I was diagnosed in early June and have been G.F. since July. I have gained 15 lbs( I was emaciated) and am putting on muscle at the gym, feeling better every day. Find a gym with childcare, you won't regret it for a second. Take good care, Heather from CA
  8. Hi Rachel. I live in the East Bay, Lafayette CA to be specific. I am having trouble finding a primary who is aware of Celiac Disease and other auto-immune disorders. I am seeking this and a dietician who might be on the ball with gluten free diet and lifestyle. Any suggestions? Thank you, Heather
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