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  1. I had the same experience at Target. In fact, the pharmacist seemed annoyed and just kept repeating that it does not say "gluten" on any of their labels. Gee thanks Target pharmacy! I wonder if anyone knows of a list of gluten free meds for a brand like Target. You are right, the cost effective aspect is worth the extra research. I can't find anything though.
  2. Thank you Lynne! I will get to work on asking around. It doesn't seem like Celiac Disease is known well to the med. community at large so I will dig deeper. I really appreciate your fast repy b/c I suspect at least one of my kids( ages 6 and 3) have this too and they are getting bloodwork in the coming weeks. If I find a great primary I'll certainly let you know. Heather
  3. Hi Rachel. I live in the East Bay, Lafayette CA to be specific. I am having trouble finding a primary who is aware of Celiac Disease and other auto-immune disorders. I am seeking this and a dietician who might be on the ball with gluten free diet and lifestyle. Any suggestions? Thank you, Heather
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