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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Hi all! I have had the big D. for 4 years straight (not one day off)3-10 times daily. I was diagnosed with celiac and have been gluten free for 3 1/2 years.....and still it continues. Has anyone had the same and asked their doctor about Habba Syndrome.....? Or had their doctor think of Habba?
  3. I was diagnosed with celiac disease 2 years ago and have been glutenfree since then - I do not feel any better today than I did then - maybe even worse. New symptoms - For the past 2 months I have been having one eye nearly close on me - I have no control of it. It droops for just a minute or two. I do not think this is related to celiac disease - what do you think? I have been looking online and see that many of the symptoms for myathenia gravis fit for me - is there a connection between celiac disease and MG?
  4. I was diagnosed with celiac disease based on a biopsy. I have seen some posts here about enterolab - and they included stats on things other than gladian(SP?). An example is casein - so enterolab can tell you whether of not you have problems with things other than the gladian? If this is the case, why wouldn't a doctor tell you to get this done when symptoms continue years into being gluten free? Sounds much more appealing to me than doing an elimination diet?
  5. Hi Elfkin - Firstly, I am sorry to hear about your son's health concerns. It is difficult enough to go through the frustrations of our own health concerns but I know first hand that it is far more difficult when it is your child. I am unsure if I should be telling you about my son's conditions or not - I do not want to cause you undue stress. Until your doctor gives you a diagnosis please try not to fear the worst. However, my son was diagnosed with colitis at 2 years of age. So I guess little guys can get it too. I want to preface my next statement with saying that is has nothing to do with colitis - my son passed away last year at 12 years old (Pneumonia and rsv) and I have since found out that I have celiac disease. I have often wondered if Jordie had it as well (it would explain lots) but I guess I will never know. So I too have wondered about a link between celiac and colitis. I hope that you did truly want to know if anyone had similar issues. I pray that he does not have colitis as well.....just take one step at a time.......Noel
  6. Thanks for all of your feedback and I knew when writing my post some people would not understand why I would do this to myself - and that is okay - I see your point. My point in intentionally having some gluten yesterday was to see if it is in fact gluten that is making me sick - as in my symptoms. I know that it destroys my intestines/villi and that is why I have been gluten free for 14 months and will continue to be. I really wish that I would get violently ill right now to show me that the gluten is in fact making me sick and not leave me wondering if it is something else. Not that I disagree with my diagnosis - I believe the biopsy and the doctors and will stay gluten free. But I am starting to think that my symptoms are due to something other than the gluten. It has been 34 hours since eating the burger yesterday and my symptoms have not gotten worse than usual. Thank you for your understanding Ursa Major - and yes, yes and yes....I have all of my own dishes, pans, strainers, toaster.......I have checked all of my personal care products - or just stopped using them - my hands are in such need of some hand cream!!! lol I'll explain my frustration - I feel worse now and symptoms are worse than before I was diagnosed and I have been gluten-free for 14 months and did not cheat once until yesterday.....I didn't even really want it. I am trying to figure out what the heck is wrong with me. Ontop of celiac disease I also suffer from depression and post traumatic stress disorder - all my symtoms came to a head when my son Jordie came home from the hospital to die at home (he was only 12). I believe stress brought it on. Ontop of this Jordie had ulcerative colitis and my brother has crohn's (as do 2 cousins and 2 aunts). My doctor gave me the diagnosis of celiac disease and initially I was so thankful because all I had to do was change my diet and I would get better........and today I am worse and all I get told is keep at it. I just don't get it! Sorry for griping I am just so frustrated and I feel like I am trying to figure this out alone and I do not have any idea how to "doctor shop". In fact everytime I am told about a good doctor, I find out that they are not taking new patients. Thanks for listening........Noel
  7. Thank you all for your input.....I guess I should try an elimination diet to see if I feel better without everything but "whole foods". I just don't know if I can do it - I love food too much!!! I was diagnosed with celiac 14 months ago after blood test and colonoscopy and endoscopy. My doctors say there is something else but never make any suggestions or test for anything else. Very frustrating. You are all probably right - I must be getting cross contamination some how. I just thought that after a year gluten free I would feel alot better even if there was a little cc. It will be interesting to see if I get a reaction different than my everyday celiac symptoms in the coming days. I should wouldn't you think? I had a burger for lunch and pizza for supper - thought I might as well go all out if I was going to try this. Anyway I will let you know if I get really ill (I will definitely deserve it if I do.) I actually hope that I do get really sick to show me this is all worth it.
  8. Okay - I have been glutenfree for 14 months and I have not felt any better. For some time now I have thought about eating something with gluten intentionally to see what would happen. Yesterday was the day I finally tried it. I have felt the same as always - my symptoms the same but no worse. How does this make sense? There will not be another day of gluten but I just had to know if there would be any difference. Any thoughts?
  9. Thank you all for sharing your experiences. My gut tells me that it is related to eating and not smoking and it is hard when a doctor doesn't really listen. (I am going to attempt to quit smoking anyway). You have all validated my thoughts so I thank you so much......Noel
  10. Does anyone have their breathing change after they eat - mine gets much shallower and rapid. My doctor has told me it is because I smoke.....granted, I should quit smoking but if this is the case I have gotten very out of shape in just one year - doesn't seem right to me.
  11. Hi all - Is microscopic colitis genetic? I have celiac disease and yet I have not gotten any better after 1 1/2 years gluten free. The doctors keep telling me there is something more yet are doing nothing about it (I need to find a new doctor!) My son had colitis......thus my question whether or not it is genetic.....thanks
  12. Hi Lynda - I can relate Lynda.....I finally got to see my specialist again last week after being told one year ago that I had celiac disease. For an entire year I stayed gluten free and was somewhat obsessive about cross contamination. My symptoms have not improved at all. I have been very frustrated with myself wondering what I am doing wrong and what have I been missing. One thing that has always puzzled me is how most of the people on this site say that they can tell when they have had gluten by a reaction. I feel sick continually and especially after I eat - regardless of what it is. I was told last week that I also has IBS and that is what is causing my symptoms - not the celiac disease. I was given a prescription that I have not yet started taking but I have hope again that maybe things make sense. I'm not sure if any of this will help you, but keep in mind that often there are often multiple diagnoses that can confuse us!! Hope you get back on the "good track" soon.......Noel
  13. Hi Everyone! I very rarely eat out since diagnoses however on occasion I will for the social aspect. I usually have a salad with oil and vinegar. The other day I ordered my salad explaining I only wanted vegetables and some cheese (I can handle cheese). About half way through eating this I noticed that the cheese looked a little "white". A memory from my waitressing days came back to me - I think restaraunts sprinkle flour on their shredded cheese so that it does not clump together and it is easier to "sprinkle". I am not positive in this thought but thought I would pass it along just in case.
  14. Thanks for the input jmengert and cassidy.....I will worry no longer!
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