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  1. Hey - check out my topic I added about my George Foreman grill. It made an amazing grilled ham and cheese with the Whole Foods sandwich bread - and it was my very first try. I just thawed the bread (just on the counter) for about 30-45 minutes first. I hope you enjoy your bread. Did you by chance by the biscuits? Those are FANTASTIC!!!
  2. I recently bought a George Foreman counter top grill. After a recent trip to Whole Foods (one just opened in my area) I purchased a loaf of their sandwich bread (gluten free). Tonight I thawed 2, slices, spread real butter, added a slice of american cheese and several slices of thinly sliced smoked ham (gluten free). Just a regular grilled ham and cheese - and it was AMAZING!!! The George Foreman presses it down and cooks from top and bottom (and makes the indentions) so it almost looked like a fancy panini. It was very, very good. And I am very, very picky. Oh - I also used this sandwich bread to make french toast. I also bought a package of the brown rice gluten free tortillas. I used one of those the other day to make a "wrap". I did ham, provolone and honey mustard). Wrapped it up and threw it on the George Foreman. It was very good. It only takes about 3 minutes to do a sandwich. I also purchased at Whole Foods the cinnamon raisin bread, which I like just toasted with butter and a little bit of cinnamon sugar. I bought the "cream biscuits" which are very good and to me, taste a lot like Hardee's biscuits. (I live in Virginia and Hardee's is a fast food chain known for their homemade biscuits). I also bought a small peach pie and found it to be better than expected. All of these items I have referred to are the Whole Foods Bakery items. They are in the frozen foods section at the Whole Foods store I visited. I feel like I'm eating "regular" food when I eat this stuff. I have been gluten free for almost 3 years and while I have found a way to replace almost all my favorites foods - I have been very disappointed in anything resembling "bread." The biscuits are by far my favorite - but the thought of having something as simple as a grilled cheese sandwich - that tastes good - just makes me so happy! Anyone have other recommendations.
  3. I have run into the same problem since going gluten free. My main problem is that I did not want to offend anyone. However, after getting "glutened" almost everytime I ate outside of my own kitchen, I learned to better care for myself. For family get-togethers, I take my own plate of food. Period. My mom loves me- but she does not have a good grasp on gluten or cross contamination. I react to very small amounts. Everyone was offended in the beginning, but I just stuck to my guns, saying that I didn't want to get sick. It does get easier with time. For church, I try to take a gluten free dish and fix my plate first. My biggest disappointment at things is not being able to try all the good looking desserts. I promise you it will get easier with time. I've been doing this 2-1/2 years now and am amazed at how it has just become my life now - I really don't even think about it much anymore. I have figured out how to make almost everything I loved before - so I no longer feel deprived. Good luck.
  4. Thanks to you both for posting. I know what you mean about being too scared to ingest it on purpose. You know, these recent symptoms do remind me of what I was feeling before diagnosis. Although, it was all the time, because I was eating gluten all the time. I appreciate your responses. I really do think that is what is going on. I ate out late Sunday afternoon and my symptoms started about 12 hours later. Yesterday, I just felt off all day and my stomach was a mess. Today, though, I feel pretty much back to normal. This has happened 3-4 times over the past month, but always just for a short period of time and no one else in my family has had any stomach symptoms. I think I'm going to try to start recording when it happens and see if I can find a pattern. Thanks for your help.
  5. Hi everyone. I have been gluten-free for 2-1/2 years. Since being off gluten, I have had very distinctive reactions when I have accidentally ingested gluten. At first, it would happen almost exactly 12 hours from ingestion. I would have severe stomach pain for 6 hours, with severe nausea and some vomiting. At the end of the 6 hours, it was over and done. I would feel a little strange for a few days afterwards. Then, about 6 months ago, it changed to 24 hours after ingestion of gluten accidentally. (Every time I have gotten gluttened has been from eating out or eating at someone elses house). But, the symptoms were still the same. Over the last 3-4 weeks, I have been havign some stomach issues. Off and on mild stomach pain and frequent bowel movements, but not diarrhea and poor appetite. It dawned on me today that I have eaten out 4 times in the past month or so, eaten at church once and eaten at a friend's house once, and have not been gluttened. Then, I started wondering if these "different" digestive symptoms were actually gluten reactions. Has this happened to anyone else? Have you had certain symptoms for a period of time and then had your reaction change to something else? Thanks for your input.
  6. I've made bagels numerous times using the Pamela's bread mix. The recipe or the bagels is right on the bag. I foud they were very good toasted for breakfast wth a topping and I made "bagel pizzas" all the time. The recipe was fairly easy- but ther were several steps and the dough had to rise - so make sure to allow enough time!
  7. I LOVE WINGS!!! I have been tinkering with my "recipe" for a while now and have finally ended up with a good and easy way to make them at home. a I cook them in my electric frying pan in about 1 inch of oil, turning them frequently, browning them and cooking them through until done. Then, I make aluminum foil pouches - because my family likes them different ways. My favorites are Sweet Baby Rays and gluten-free Teriyaki sauce. My husband likes hot wings, so I use whatever sauce he likes for his. I put the pouches on a cookie sheet and put them into the oven at 400 degrees for about 15-20 more minutes. They really crisp up nicely this way. The teriyaki runs off a little bit, so when I put them on my plate, I just pour some of the teriyaki from the pouch over them. The hot ones and the BBQ sauce ones stick to the chicken well. Good luck!!
  8. I've been eating a lot of Rice Chex the last week, myself. My husband bought me 2 boxes and he joked yesterday that he should have bought 10!!!! I hadn't thought about making anything with them yet - I've been way TOO BUSY eating them. The rice chex treats sound heavenly, though. Thanks for the ideas!!!!
  9. Tonight was country style pork ribs in the crockpot with Sweet Baby Rays, white rice and gluten-free cornbread. (made from Pamela's pancake and baking mix - recipe on her website). My regulars are lasagna (tinykada noodles, prego sauce, mozzerella and cottage cheese), tacos, chicken breasts (just sauteed and dipped in whatever I feel like at the moment) with baked potatoes, ham, fish (grilled salmon or tuna) or flouder or talapia fried (I use Zataran's fish fry and Bob's Red Mill all-purpose flour mixed together as the breader), pork chops, hamburgers. I do mac and cheese gluten free, and lots of potatoes. (I'm a very underweight celiac). Also - I've just discovered Pamela's amazing wheat-free bread mix - and I've been making bagels with it (recipe on teh bag). They make a GREAT quick pizza. Also - I've been eating them with Ham. I actually haven't made a loaf of bread yet - just stuck on the bagels. Enoyed everyone's dinner ideas!
  10. Acid reflux was my worst gluten symptom. I had others, but the heartburn and reflux were the WORST!!! I tried all the medications, OTC ones and prescription ones. Nothing ever helped - until I went gluten free. However, I still had intermittently problems. When I get cross contamination - I get the reflux/heartburn symptoms again. Once I stopped eating fast food = I've had very rare problems with it. When I was still eating fast food = I was very careful. Only ate things that were known to be gluten free. However, I still had problems. Since stopping fast food last summery (July), I have not had near the problems. (And when I say no fast food - I mean nothing!). I'm just wondering if it could be a cross contamination issue for you, too. Sorry you're still having problems! Melissa
  11. Celiac mommy - Rachelle : I just wanted to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't post much - but I read often and read through the chocolate chip cookie thread (of course). Your recipe for your perfect chocolate chip cookies was AMAZING. I had just received a box of Pamela's baking and pancake mix and had everything on hand. My non-celiac family members loved them too. Thanks for sharing!!!!! Melissa
  12. Great thread - we can all use new ideas! Here's a list of my quick and easy standbys: 1 - Chicken breasts cut up into bite size pieces, cooked in a frying pan with just a little oil. I only add salt and pepper, cook until brown and dip in Sweet Baby Rays. I usually have this with baked potato with butter, sour cream and bacon bits. The chicken cooks really quick already cut up. 2 - Lasagna. I don't do a terribly complicated lasagna. I brown hamburger, add Prego spaghetti sauce to that. Cook gluten free lasagna noodles. I use DeBoles. In a baking dish, put a little sauce in the bottom, then a layer of noodles, some cottage cheese spread on top of those, sauce, 1 cup of mozzerella, then noodles, cottage cheese, sauce and top with plenty of mozzerella 2 cups or so. Bake at 400 for about 40 minutes, until brown and bubbling. 3 - Gluten free pizza. 4 - Steak and veggies. 5 - Chicken quesedillas. Cut up chicken, cook in pan with a little oil, taco seasoning. Then put on a corn torilla, top with chicken and put chedder cheese on top - heat in microwave for about 30 seconds. Top with taco sauce and sour cream. 6 - Hamburgers and fries. 7 - Stuffed green peppers. 8 - Donuts for breakfast. (corn starch and potato starch recipe) 9 - HOmemade potato skins. 10 - HOmemade mozzerella sticks (string cheese, cut in half, dipped in egg - coated in mixture of gluten free flour and Zattaran's - about half and half. Cook in hot oil. Dip in spaghetti or pizza sauce. 11 - Spaghetti - Tinkyada pasta cook, hamburger and Prego for sauce. Wow - I eat a lot! I'm enjoying hearing everyone's responses. Melissa (gluten free 1 year and 1 week)!!
  13. Hi everyone. I posted a few weeks ago asking for suggestions of food to take along on a 5 day trip (10 hour car ride each way). The suggestions were fantastic and I made it through the whole trip without getting glutened!! I packed pepperoni's, string cheese, Glutino pretzels and Mi-Del ginger snaps for the car. I used Wendy's for my fast food safe choice - didn't eat anything I was unsure about. I had fruit, cereal and grits in my room for breakfasts - and made careful dinner choices and talked to the restaurant staff before eating. Things went really well. I was nervous about it- but feel like this was a great test and that I'm starting to really get a handle on this! I am 9 months gluten free. Thanks for all the help and suggestions. Melissa
  14. Hey Lisa - I'm gluten-free 9 months - but I wanted to tell you I have a lot of trouble with nuts - especially peanuts. I can handle a little bit, but I've noticed that if I eat them over several days (in any form) I get a very "gluten like" reaction. Just my 2 cents. Melissa
  15. We're traveling to Kentucky later in the week for a competition for my son. Toot's restuarant is a favorite of the team - they have been in previous years. From the website, Toot's is a regional chain, only a 4 or 5 restaurants in Kentucky in Tennessee. I am going to call the Bowling Green location, to see if I can talk to someone, but was wondering if anyone had any personal experience. I appreciate your help! Melissa
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