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  1. I am not celiac (but my mom is) but I still kept my stuff seperate from my roommates. I kept a little corner of my closet that had my pots and pans and my toaster oven in it - so my roommates wouldn't abuse the stuff. Its a little annoying to have to go run and get them if you want to cook, but I highly recommend doing it!! GL
  2. There are a ton of mildly irritating but totally fixable things that could be wrong. Also, it could be totally non-medically related that you just are doing some harmful things while you are teaching class, even without noticing it. It's easy to hurt your voice speaking - in fact - even easier than while singing! I think the rigid scope is worse because I gag easily, I didn't gag with the flexible. GL - let me know how it goes.
  3. 1st. The biopsies showed no signs of malignancy. Thats just awesome. Also, I tested negative for celiac. Half of me is happy because that means I can keep my current lifestyle, and half of me is sad because now I most likely have to go in for the dreaded colonoscopy. I think I now have more questions than answers.
  4. HOW SWEET! Since we don't have any human babies yet, Bella is our puppy baby. I'm sure you feel the same way. Our dog doesn't understand modesty yet. Yesterday she went to the bathroom while like four people from the apartment complex talked to her. ::DOH::
  5. Your dog is so sweet! I hope he/she is OK from their surgery. They really do become our babies, don't they?
  6. Yep. I have had both scopes and an endoscopy and I SWEAR that the flexible nasal scope is no big deal. In fact, in school we volunteer on each other! If it was that bad I would be honest. (You won't gag from a scope down your nose most likely, either) KEEP THIS IN MIND: It is highly unlikely that you have nodules if they weren't seen on the endoscopy. They are pretty obvious, kind of like little whiteheads. BUT there are a host of other things that could be wrong with the functioning of the chords. Thats why its important to have it done, because the endoscopy is not a functional test. You need to find out whats up so you can bless the world with your voice. GL again!
  7. Thanks Judy for the TB info. I don't know what my mom shared with you guys but I have latent (thank goodness) tuberculosis. It is most likely that I caught it from volunteering for Big Brothers Big Sisters. Remember that whole karma thing...where is that!? BTW: When my mom used to tell me about her friends on the celiac board I thought "man, she used to tell me to stay off chat rooms and NEVER give personal info out. This is sooo different" but now that I've "met" everyone I see how loving and caring you all are. I totally get why she comes here for support. She is a wonderful woman who, unfortunately, has a family that isn't always supportive of her needs (I admit, myself included). Anyway, thanks for being so loving to me and more importantly, to my Mommy. Ashley
  8. I'm studying to be a speech-language pathologist so I know some clinical stuff but MORE importantly, I'm a vocalist, too! 1. The test at the ENT is NOTHING. If they use a flexible scope, they will stick it down your nose (some people Afrin or numb you first) and it will hang to your vocal folds. It is uncomfortable but not painful at all <-- I am a major pain wussy. It sort of feels like if you snort water up your nose. This scope is actually good at identifying major things like nodules and bumps but not so good if you want a detailed view. So if they think they need to they will send you to an SLP who will perform a rigid scope (some ENTS do this but most just refer you) 2. The rigid scope is not painful at all because it doesn't "go down your throat" perse. The therapist wraps some gauze around your tounge and then pulls it out so that they can see the back of your throat. Then they take a metal stick with a camera on the end of it and look at your chords. In both cases they will ask you to do a series of silly sounds so that they can watch the way your chords move. Sometimes one chord will get lazy or stop moving. This could be a cause of the scratchy sound and would not be able to be detected on the endoscopy (because you wouldn't be making noise and vibrating your chords against one another.) I highly reccomend that you go back and let them do the test. It's not painful or scary and it could really help you. If you have some kind of reflux (which is common to Celiac I've heard) then treatment is very simple. Your doctor may want you to go to a SLP for therapy because vocalists can gain a lot from learning how to use their voices properly in ALL contexts. I hope this wasn't too detailed or boring. Good luck! Feel free to e-mail or pm me if need be. Ashley
  9. This really relates to nothing at all but I am still crackin up. When Mark and I came home from church tonight Bella got out of her cage just fine. Then she got scolded for getting away from Mark outside (he has this new thing where he takes her off of her leash despite my protests) and all of the sudden, she was holding her leg up. She had a really sad face on and we were trying to figure out if she hurt it. Then when I was trying to examine it she turned around and accidentally limped on the WRONG LEG! She then continued to hold up the "un-injured" leg. After she had a treat her leg(s) were miraculously healed!!! Amazing. Our dog now fakes injuries to get treats. haha and badly, too.
  10. Thanks for the welcome everyone! I hope that the only reason I'm connected to this board is because I love someone who has Celiac, but it wouldn't be so bad. At least I'd have an excuse to be soooo lethargic. in reply to the "Do you have time to run out to PF Changs and eat all their gluten filled appetisers? I so miss those. I don't miss the twinkie but miss those." I don't like PF Changs very much. Probably because we are SO poor that I am not letting myself like it lol.
  11. Thanks, Metta. All that info was great! Actually the doc took 9 biops. total. I am lucky that the chief of the GI department at UK did the testing b/c apparently he is a celiac expert. I didn't get the results today which means I get one more day of eating gluten, I bought a Twix after choir just to celebrate. Actually I have THREE sets of twin boys in my choir. 1st and 2nd graders. There are 14 boys and 3 girls. They keep me on my toes but I love each and every one of them. How lucky I am to have boys who want to sing!
  12. I am not being patient. I called and left a message but, of course, have not heard back yet. The 6-7 day range is up in one hour and I have to leave b/c I direct a children's choir on Wednesday nights.
  13. I get pnuemonia at LEAST two times a year. I wonder if the antibiotics have gluten in them....hmmm....
  14. LOL - thats true. It seems to me most of the talk of gluten free foods is about desserts. I know my mom is always eating her brownies and such. For her mother's day present my husband and I got her a big basket of foods that are gluten free and it wasn't so hard (just expensive!) because I love to shop at Whole Foods. I do live in Lexington. I'm supposed to be going to school here but I'm out for the rest of the semester.
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