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  1. I subbed almond and coconut flour for the garfava and some of the starches. Came out with a nice flavour but a little heavy, and didn't rise that well though it could have been the yeast I used. You subbed almond flour in, how did you find your rise? Would be easy to make cinnamon raisin bread...
  2. I have a program called Living Cookbook that lets you add custom ingredients and recipes to its database, and it calculates all the nutrients for you. I figure it's ballpark, but close enough So you can add all the nutrition info from the label on your flours, and use them as ingredients in recipes...
  3. I tried this today, subbing coconut flour for the potato starch, almond meal for the corn starch and another 1/4c flax meal for the garfava (didn't have any or I'd have used it) Used half water and half almond milk and Splenda as sweetener. I don't know about pouring this into the pan! It was...
  4. Sounds like a wonderful bread! Just wondering if there is a way to make it lower carb - anyone here tried a lower carb version? I may give it a go, subbing in some nut flours for the starchier flours. And would almond or coconut milk work, or should I stick with water? Guess the best way to...