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  1. Thank you all for your helpful suggestions regarding headaches. I've decided to try them all for one month each, so I'll know, hopefully, which, if any, is most effective; lots of B-12 first, followed by magnesium, then calcium supplements. I'll keep the board posted with results in case it may help someone else. The thought of living without painkillers (and snide looks from doctors, nurses, pharmacists, etc.) is fabulous...keep your fingers crossed! Jebus (a.k.a. Ruthie)
  2. Hi Ron, I was diagnosed with an under-active thyroid 16 years ago. I'm female, 49, and thyroid conditions run in my family: my late mother, my younger son, my sister. My endocrinologist knew immediately when my bloodwork showed malabsorption of vitamins and minerals that it was Celiac disease and ordered the appropriate panel for that. He told me they go hand-in-hand as they are both auto-immune disorders; in the same way that diabetics are predisposed to other autoimmune diseases. Why your first endocrinoligist didn't know this right out of the gate, I can't say. Luckily it sounds like you're in good hands now. At first it was an overwhelming diet change, but it's really a no brainer considering the potential consequences. The folks here on the website clued me in about not eating dairy which I wasn't aware of, and that has also helped. Good luck Jebus (a.k.a. Ruthie)
  3. Hi: I don't know if this will help you, but before being diagnosed with Celiac, but being in the malabsorption of iron, B-12, vitamin D etc. stage, my endocrinologist insisted I take daily iron tablets, which resulted in my getting the "periods from hell" for the first time ever. I stopped taking them one week before my due dates, and voila! normal periods (for me) again. Hopefully, since they've begun to taper off because I'm ancient (49), they'll stop altogether soon. I think menstruating for 37 years is enough (minus the time I was pregnant with our two sons). I'm sure the male Celiacs out there are loving these conversations. They all just went to find a football game on the t.v. Good Luck, Jebus (a.k.a. Ruthie)
  4. Ursula, I forgot to mention when I asked my headache question that I do take Topomax twice a day as a migraine preventative, so I haven't had one of my 12-hour, head-exploding, hide in a dark silent room, please let me die migraines for quite a long time, thankfully. It's the daily, persistent, nagging ones, like a band around my head or one of my eyes trying to pop out (lovely picture, but that's what they feel like). My forehead is sore to the touch sometimes, also. My husband reminded me today that if I usually forget to take my B-12, that could be causing headaches - is he correct? I try to remember at the end of each day (can't take in the a.m. with Synthroid). I appreciate your imput regarding nightshade foods, but I'm hesitant to remove potatoes and tomatoes, since I'm down to so few "safe" foods at this point. I'll try to never skip a whopping daily dose of B-12 and see if, with time, that helps. What do you, and anyone else reading this, think of this plan? Also, someone else mentioned perimopause - yes, I am diagnosed as perimenopausal and have been since about age 40, which confuses me - my ob-gyn said it could last for ten years or so until the real thing kicked in (I'm getting closer - yippee!). So hormonal swings can cause the headaches too? So I need a sex change and I'll be okay? Better consult my husband again. Thanks folks... Jebus p.s. my real name is Ruthie
  5. My question is for the doctors here - I'm a 49 year-old woman with Celiac having been diagnosed on September 1st and have been absolutely gluten-free since then. I still was sick and the people here were kind enough to advise me to also avoid dairy (which helps a lot). I've been on Synthroid for 16 years and have been treated for migraines and chronic (daily) tension headaches for about ten years. Why don't over-the-counter meds work on my headaches? My doctors have begun to look at me like I'm a junkie or something; when they refuse to refill the Butalbital (generic Fiorecet) for awhile, I just do without it and live with a half-headache constantly. Am I alone? Am I nuts? Many Celiac patients here have mentioned headaches and migraines; what's the connection? What's the answer to the pain relief problem? Or am I asking for too much? Any advice you could give me would be most appreciated. Thanks, Jebus
  6. Jerseyangel: Hi, I just read your post from November 4th, where you mention that your doctor would probably just give you a blank stare and that you don't see the written results of your own bloodwork. Did I read that correctly? I live in Jersey too and, if that's the case, it's time for a new endocrinologist for you! It was mine who has been treating my underactive thyoid for 16 years, who knew right away what it was when I told him how tired and crappy I felt. After finding malabsorption of iron and vitamins in my bloodwork (which I ALWAYS get written copies of), he said "Now we have to run a celiac panel - I'm sure that's what it is". While I'm here, I see people debating between Synthroid and something called Armour. I take .45 mg of Synthroid daily and would like to hear the pros and cons; anybody reading - can you help me? Thanks, Jebus
  7. Hi everyone, since I'm new here, can anyone tell me if headaches are a common symptom? I've been treated for migraines and tension headaches for years and was diagnosed with Celiac disease on September 1st. Thanks for the input. Jebus
  8. Dear Stacie, I just read about what you go through with your husband and yes, plenty of us get it! Next month is our 31st anniversary, my husband is diabetic, both our sons are bi-polar, the older is a recovering heroin addict who has been clean for 28 months now (we almost lost him 3 times in 2004). Sometimes (okay, lots of times, I want to run away from home), but I can't 'cause I'm the grown-up. The only one you can truly control is YOU. Let him do what he will, he's an adult. Let him do the research, the trial and error and he will learn if he wants to live as comfortably as possible. I wish you all the patience in the world; you're going to need it! Jebus
  9. Dear Gamecreature, I'm new to the board and newly diagnosed, too, but have already gotten some wonderful help here. Just a quick thought - since both conditions are autoimmune in nature and co-exist in many patients (like me), have you been checked for an underactive thyroid? This causes depression until you're on proper medication. Something worth looking into - good luck. Jebus
  10. Thank you all for being so helpful! I think it must be dairy, which I have begun today eliminating entirely and, no, I never eat processed foods (because of my migraines) and I very rarely eat in a restaurant. I'll stick with the simplest thing to try right now, but from the sound of it, everyone eventually winds up living on dryer lint and bottled water, right? Oh well, at least I'll save on the grocery bills (just kidding; our sons are 17 and 22 and it's like living with a plague of locusts). Thanks again, everyone, Jebus
  11. First, thanks to you and Mouse who both pointed out dairy as a potential problem. I never thought about it, but it was worse after I ate yogurt, and again after I ate cheese (ironically, because it's binding). That will be my next elimination and hopefully, it will help. Thanks again, Jebus
  12. Hi all, Forgive me if you've covered this in the past; I'm new here, having been diagnosed about two months ago. I'm a 49 year-old woman with an under-active thyroid and the Celiac's was diagnosed though bloodwork alone, after telling my endocrinologist about the stomach problems, extreme fatigue, etc. I've been absolutely gluten-free since September 1, but still will have bouts of diarrhea and cramping that last for a few days and leave me extremely weak. Is this because of the malabsorption of vitamins and minerals (also confirmed by bloodwork), or the length of time it takes for the intestinal lining to heal? Please, if anyone has gone through this at the start (please don't say it lasts forever), give me some pointers! Thanks, Jebus
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