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  1. We will be taking a royal carribean cruise in May and saw that you can specify a GLuten free menu. ANyone have any experince with this cruise line? Can it be trusted? Is it a hassle? Thanks so much for any input!!! Kristen
  2. Hi! I`ve been struggling with sore aching legs, sometimes crampy. COuld that be mineral defficiency? Anyone have any experience with this? I have been gluten free for 6 months. THis began a couple of weeks ago. Thanks!
  3. Thankyou so much for the encouragement. I truly appreciate the time you have taken to care about me! Yesterday I had a better day. Even one good day is a blessing! Because of stomach upset I rarely take vitamins. But when I was visiting in the States I bought Garden of Life probiotic formula and digestive enzymes. But then I read they have Barleygrass and Oatgrass. Is that ok? I hate to waste them, but I`m nervous about taking them. And is there a good vitamin/mineral supplement that is easy on the stomach? also is it the lactose in dairy that causes the problems? Is lactose free milk ok to drink? Hey, guess what I found yesterday? Some Nature`s Path products! I found gluten free animal cookies and gorilla munch cereal! How fun is that? I don´t eat alot of sweets, but it`s nice to have in case of a craving. I couldn´t believe it when I saw them. That`s what I call heaven`s kisses. THey are the little things in life that make you smile and you know God is with you. Thanks again to all! Blessing, Kristen
  4. Hi everyone. I was diagnosed three weeks ago with celiac. I am still a little in shock. I went in for an endoscopy because of stomach problems. No one was thinking celiac. My mom has celiac and has bugging me for years to take a test for it, not because of obvious syptoms but because of anxiety and panic attacks. Which, thank God, I no longer suffer from. SO I told my doctor, "While you are in there please take a biopsy for celiac so my Mom will leave me alone!" LO and behold it came back positive. I live in Mexico. There is so little info. here. Please everyone, I know this disease is hard to live with, put count your blessings that you live in a country where you can buy gluten free food! I felt so horrible, stomach upset, cramping and burning that I immediately started a gluten free diet. Found that i felt better the first week ( I think it was more hope than anything else) because these last 2 weeks have been tough again, although I am on a strict gluten free diet. So here goes my questions, (please be patient with me, I do not have a doctor here who knows much about this.) First, how long does it usually take to feel better??? This is going to sound weird, but I seemed to get more intestinal pain and bloating after killing the gluten. Before it was mostly stomach issues. I figured my body was in detox, since my old diet was probally 90% gluten. I lived on bread and pasta and little else!! IS that possible, to have an inicial negative response to the antigluten diet??? Also, maybe I am in denial, but could the biopsy have been wrong? Is there any other disease that causes stunting and atrophy of the villi? I didn´t do the blood tests because I had already gotten rid of the gluten and didn´t want to start again. Plus the guy at the lab looked at me like I was crazy. He had never heard of those blood tests!! Also, can you have celiac with no diarrea ever and mostly just stomach stuff? although recently I have been very bloated and uncomfortable in the abdomen area. I guess I just want to feel better, and need someone to tell me it just takes time and to be patient. I have this thought in the back of my mind that maybe I am doing this crazy diet in vain and it is not going to help. My doctor thinks the stomah issues might be unrelated to celiac and are caused by my nervous system in which case he suggested Zoloft. What do you guys think? Any opinions on that? Thank you for your patience. I am usually no so long winded!!! (My husband would be laughing if he heard that!) Blessings, Kristen in Guadalajara, Mexico P.s. Please someone send me something gluten free and fun! I am getting tired of corn tortillas! (Just kidding they have great corn tortillas here!)
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