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  1. Is there harm in trying a B-12 shot for persistent feet tingling if it appears you're OK? Neurologists haven't come up with anything else causing it. B-12 570 (180 - 914) Homocysteine 12.3 (3.7 - 13.9) Methylmalonic acid <0.1 (0 - .4) Gliad ABS, IgA/IgG showing: IgG was 7.0 with 25 or less negative IgA was 35.8, with 30 or greater positive (awaiting more celiac test results from neurologist and Enterolab)
  2. My neurologist checked for B-12, and it looked OK, or what do you think? I have a daughter with Hashimoto's, so I check that often. My TSH is getting lower than ever, but my T3 and T4 are OK. B-12 570 (180 - 914) Homocysteine 12.3 (3.7 - 13.9) Methylmalonic acid <0.1 (0 - .4) Ferritin serum 186 (11 - 307) TSH .8 (.35 - 5.5) T3 125 (60 - 181) Free T4 1.38 (.89 - 1.76)
  3. Here's the topic I've been looking for! I was diagnosed with Parkinson's in 1999, but it has progressed so slowly that my latest neurologist is calling it Parkinsonism (PD symptoms, but caused by something else), and another is calling it Stiff Man Syndrome. I have a lot of tingling in my feet. They've called it Restless Legs syndrome, but I didn't buy that. I've always had normal MRIs, except for some unexplained "scattered punctate foci of T2 hyperintensity in the subcortical white matter of the right frontal lobe", some of which were there in 1999 when this all began. I've been getting
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