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  1. Dear Shalia and Nini, Thank you for your supportive responses. Our theory is that, if he has celiac, it's been active for about 18 years, causing ever-increasing bloating beginning in the colon, which he ultimately had removed, and now his small intestine is significantly dilated. All this started after his heart attack. I wonder if others have had either megacolon or small intestine pseudo-obstruction that seem to be caused by celiac.
  2. My husband's blood work was done by Quest; his Gliadin antibodies IgA was 27, with normal being 11; IgG, Reticulin, and TTG were negative. Two questions: 1) is the IgA test he had, the same as the EMA-IgA, or is that a separate test? and 2) Is it probable he has celiac with these results? We saw the gastroenterologist, who said he had less than a 1% chance of having celiac, because if he were, the TTG would be positive as it's the only one they look at these days. He said he'd do the biopsy if we want, but he really doubted the results would be positive.
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