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  1. Hi All Am a newbie to this site and am probably asking a familiar question (tried the search but couldnt find anything applicable to me) Basically, my father has been diagnosed celiac (he is 52 years old, i am 23), he is yet to start the gluten-free diet. I have looked into the disease and think that i could have inherited it. My main reason for thinking this is that i have always been underweight for as long as i can remember and it is not easy to gain weight. I am 5ft 9" and weigh 9 stone, and have similar build to my father. I do get ocasional indigestion and do feel sometimes feels tired. I have always thought maybe i am not eating enough or not eating the right foods. Now i have found out more about this condition i could possible be one of the many undiagnosed cases. I am going to have a blood test to see if anything is found. What do you guys think? What is the likelyhood of me inheriting the disease. Any advice would be greatly appreciated Regards Phil
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