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  1. hya just wondering if its safe to have soy sauce, it has roasted grains in it and so i thought i wld check. thanx
  2. hey i know this is a bit too late but i just wanna put my one idy lil cence in. ive only had celiac disease for a few months but so far everyone that i have told still dont understand, and think that its not that bad. i hear some of my closest friends telling other people that its an allergy, which really gets me annoyed cause its alot worse than that and they just dont understand. my mother doesnt even understand how bad it is. my dietian told me that im on a strictly no gluten diet to correct my insides and then when they get better im still not supposed to have any gluten like most Cs have to but its not just food i have to stay away from there are also things like shampoo if u get it in ur mouth and swallow it and it has wheat proteins in it then its like eating a sandwhich, especially wen u use the same shampoo for months on end, but wen i told my mother that she said it was bull and that i was being silly, which really got me annoyed cause i wish i was being silly but she just couldnt understand. and so know i just dont tell her anything new i learn about cause i feel like she is gunna just critises.ov course lotions r ok to use as long as the gluten is not gunna reach the gut then we're all fine but thats not my point, my point is that even if u tell som1 u know really well and try to explain it they r neva gunna understand, the only people who will truly understand r the people who have celiac disease!!!!! p.s srry bout da spelln mistakes and the rambling.lol
  3. hi there, ive just been reading around and been looking at wot people have been saying and i would just like to ask is 'Glucose derived from wheat' ok to eat, cauz i thought the glucose was the sugar and we r allowed the sugar that comes from wheat not the proteins. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. could someone please tell me if we are allowed to have glucose derived from wheat or not. that would be great. thanx oh and im from New Zealand if that matters about the product
  4. hya, this may sound slightly weird, but i was wondering if anyone lives in New York or California, L.A. i live in New Zealand at the moment but its just that in about 1 year i will be applying to a college in each of those states and i was just thinking on how hard it would be to get gluten-free food. so any info on how hard it is would be appreciated, 15-19 years old preferrably, but anything will do. thankz
  5. hello, ive asked my dietian this twice and i didnt get a straight answer out of her. i was wondering if "wheat starch' and "marshmellows" are allowed. a straight yes or no would b appreciated.
  6. just wondering, does anione live in new Zealand who has celiac disease?????
  7. i asked my diettian about this twice and both times she didnt give me a straight answer. is "wheat starch" and "marshmellows" allowed. i would greatly appreciate it. thanx
  8. hey im probably too late for this but i dnt carre. im goin through the same thing, the food i like my friends all hate and say itz discustn. i somthimes get annoyed at them but i keep it too myself. i just dont let them try ani ov my food animre. if theyre just gunna critisize then they can just get lost. cya
  9. hey, yeah i no wot u mean wit feeling uncomfortable ordering different things and having to make sure everything is gluten-free. im 16 and i was only diagnosd bout3 months ago. but i suppose im a bit luckier than u cauz i have Hells Pizza a pizza shop that has gluten-free bases, so i can still have pizza. u could always try to make ur own pizza it would be interesting.lol i cook most of my dinners and i find myself making the same things and using alot of rice.lol. aniway, i say if people have a problem with us asking whatz in a meal or they find it weird , then they arnt worth it or they need to learn manners, or if itz the waiter/ss then just go to a different resturant. if ya wanna talk just gimmie a mail.
  10. hey im 16 and from new zealand, just go to my profile if u want my email. just tell me that ur from the boards. cya
  11. hi im 16 and i was diagnozd bout 3 months ago. im still getting used to everything and i still have things i dont understand. i was wondering wot would happen if i ate somthing that i thought didnt have gluten but did , what would happen to me. would i go all the way back to the beginnig or would it be only a slight set back. i would appreciate the info.
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