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  1. DD is 3 and has her biopsy tomorrow... what aer they looking for? is it even possible to have a false positive blood test? he said he has to do the biopsy to determine whether it's celiac or not, which makes me wonder if there are false positives? otherwise why do the biopsy? ugh.... I hate having her go under anesthesia (
  2. Biopsy Thursday

    My dd is having her biopsy tomorrow... I"m also a nervous wreck she's 3 and basically asymptomatic, other than constipation... ugh... can we just fast forward to friday?
  3. Thanks for all of your input in my post below... totally new here. How do you eat out w/ a toddler? she can't have chicken nuggets, can't have mac & cheese... all of her favorites and what about birthday parties or pizza parties that friends have? I'm just trying to wrap my head around all of this... thanks.
  4. DD is 3 and has had chronic constipation since she was a year old...she had no other symptoms, just constipation. So we went to a g/i doc and he didn't think she had celiac, but routinely tests all of his g/i patients just to check... her results came back at 89, so he is pretty certain she has it. Is there a chance of a false positive? Could the number mean something else? Ok, I know it's dumb, but she is happy, not lethargic, a perfectly "healthy" and active toddler, so here's my question. How diligent do we have to be on the diet? I mean, I keep reading about having to buy a new toaster so they dont' get a bread crumb... but she's been eating wheat her whole life and now she can't even have a bread crumb? And what abotu birthday parties, she really can't have a piece of cake once every coupel of months so she fits in with her friends? I am just so sad for her that she will feel so different, will have to have her special pizza every time we go somewhere people have pizza... ugh I am very happy to cook gluten-free and help her follow a gluten-free diet, I just wonder if a little "treat" once in a while will really hurt... she is basically asymptomatic, and if we hadn't had the test run she probablyu wou'dve lived her life never knowing (doc said many adults dont' even know they have it) so I guess I just wonder how bad it is to limit gluten but like if we're at a restaurant let her have chicken nuggets once in a while... Thanks for your input... I feel like I've been hit by a truck
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