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  1. Biopsy Thursday

    Hi Nikki It says Ihave no new messages at the minute, i will keep checking back incase it takes a few minutes to come through thanks JoanneX
  2. Biopsy Thursday

    Hi we will be going to booth hall childrens hospital in Manchester, I am a nervous wreck and have been sat at my desk most of the afternoon (since I got the phone call) trying my hardest not to cry LOL LOL in front of everyone
  3. Hi Im new here, and my 4 year old son has to have a biopsy on Thursday, (im from the UK so I dont know if its done different in the US) but he has to have a general anasthetic, he has had a lot of blood tests and they showed very low imunoglobulin A and he is very anemic. he has had problems since being a few months old, but no one ever took us seriouly, he has a lot of tummy pain, loose stools and when he was younger vomiting (although he does not vomit much now) he is very small in the 5th% but was 9lbs 5oz when he was born!! Plus lots of other symptoms such as mouth ulcers and burning tongue, itchy skin rashes on the backs of his legs and tirdeness I know I have to have the test to confirm or rule this out, but I am dreading taking him for it, he will go home the same day, and as long as he does not catch a cold or cough before thursday we have to be at the childrens hospital for 8am. I know some of you here will have children that have had this done, I just feel so bad :( JoanneXX
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