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  1. did you have the kind of symptoms that I have though? freezing hands and feet included? did you do the crazy poop I mentioned in my first post? dude it's eating my alive. I did have a lot of the symptoms you mentioned, some of them go away when I am completley gluten free though. Some are a result of my Fibromyalgia. The nasty poops and constipation are completely gone if I stay gluten free. I also get cold hands and feet, but never thought to link it to my gluten intolerance - I have no other explanation for it though I can't figure out if being exhausted is from Fibro or gluten, or maybe it's from both - but when I was working full time I felt like a walking zombie. I also get pains in my arms, legs, and chest, but when I exercise and stay gluten free the pain is lessoned quite a bit. When I slip up with my gluten free diet, I can get really depressed and moody. Seriuosly, when comlpetley gluten free I'm like a different person physically and mentally.
  2. Hi I'm new here, but just wanted to say "go for it!!!!" too. I went through college with Gluten Intolerance, and Fibromyalgia. I stuck it through because I thought it was the right thing, but I really regret doing that. Every day was so hard for me, and I remember thinking the same exact thing of how I can't take it anymore, every single day. No one understood, and teachers gave me such a hard time because I seemed "out of it", because they couldn't understand brain fog. If there is a time in your life where you can take a break from everything it's college. Once you're out of college, it's A LOT harder to do that. I learned that the hard way. If you have the chance to get away from everything for a while, definitly take it while it's there, because it won't be there forever...
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