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  1. i get really sick when i eat an kind of breads, wheats, and milk....i throw up at least 3 times a day. i don't know if i have ciliac disease , i haven't been tested yet, but i really do belive that there is a chance that i do. iam usually very drowsy and sluggish after i eat. the other big problem that i have is that my body is completely swollen, especially my face. after i eat i feel like i have just been Poisoned. i use to be very very thin, and now iam at about 200 lbs...but it doesn't feel like fat, it feels like water bags. last year i went on a diet to were all i ate was meats and sourcruat and pickles..i lost 20lbs with in three weeks...and i stopped throwing up, the swelling went down completely, and i felt very energetic. however i gave in and began to eat breads again..and again the weight and sluggish feelings all came back..i know that iam not supposed to be this big and swollen, i wish someone could just look at the stretch marks that are all over my body...i would be very greatful if anyone could give me some advise..... *ash*
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