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  1. get used to it,I ve a very picky daughter. also.. I had a heck of a time with her before CELIAC entered the picture. I've found that any of the Gluten-Free breads are better when used as a grilled cheese or toasted in some way. KEEP searchin' your not alone
  2. I don't think Jesus would have broken any bread if he was a Celiac. Do you? happy to be Gluten-Free
  3. What is the best bread recipes or mixes.I just made fish bait.haha
  4. I know what your going through,just keep liquids in him.It will take a while for things to get better. My 6 year old was just diagnosed 1 week ago with Celiac D ,I've been dealing with the lose bowels for three months now.My daughter actually holds it all in ,all day at school and comes home and blows the back of the toilet off. It's bad but ,I promise it will get better.Have you checked around to see if you can see another GI in your area. My referal was 1 week and I saw the GI 4 days later, 2 weeks after that we went gluten free.It still seemed like forever. I hope little Avery starts feeling better. I'm sure you'll get some good replies on this forum,it's a real good place to learn and get support.
  5. Vitamins

    My GI recomended a mutivitamin. My kid is 6 , does anyone have any favorites,or what's the best multi vitamin out there? She needs something good.Because we've only been gluten-free for like a week. Well lets just say we're trying really hard to be gluten-free,Already had some mishaps. But she still has ecsessive Diareha and is loosing weight,until this diet kicks in and she starts recovering I thiink she needs a really good source of nutrients,(vitamins) What works well for you?
  6. I sent food from home today,The little poot walked right to the lunchroom and grabbed a tray.haha I've set up a conference with the head school nurse and superintendent of schools.We're gonna get this fixed .I guess the worry of contamination is always there isn't it? Thanks for the replies ladies.
  7. My daughter has been gluten-free for almost a week now.I've met with the school nurse and they are trying to devise a plan to make her lunches for her and breakfast.But I feel like I'm not getting through to them. For instance , she went to school this morning,she had her breakfast at home. She went to the lunch room and they served her Breakfast pizza.(come on) Even the nurse ask me when I talked to her,if it was OK too give her cupcakes every once in a while. like on special occasions.(hell no) I've given them all the info they need and it stilll doesn't seem to be getting through. My kid is 6 years old and this is all new and hard for her to adjust too. If someone(like her school) gives her pizza or a cake or something,she's gonna take it. What to do?
  8. My daughter just went glutenfree,I haven't even seen any results yet,but I met with the school nurse yesterday.She's been studying up on it to insure that everyone in the school is trained to fulfill her needs. The school has an obligation to do that.They must know what this disease is and all of the symtoms. Due to lack of nutrition my kid comes home from school and is famished,she gets real edgy and whines alot around 7 and is usually in bed by 730.The social part of school is very important,I wouldn't home school. Trying to find a different school is an option.Most importantly though(educate the school)... I hope this help ya hayleesdad
  9. Memphis Area?

    love those tornadoes
  10. I've read that Gluten is in some school supplies like finger paint,crayons and glue. Anyone know the right ones to get and what not to get. and does wal mart carry anything Gluten-Free as far as school supplies?
  11. I'm in South east MO.,but travel to springfield alot to record music.
  12. Memphis Area?

    I'm an hour south of memphis(Mo.),can't find anyone around here. There does need to be a group somewhere around here. And also more knowledge in the medical community.
  13. Well thank you all so much.I'm dealing with this alone(single parent).I thought that was hard.NOW this. I appreciate the support of the forum.I'm really glad I found this.
  14. We live in the mid-west(mo)I'm finding it difficult to find gluten-free foods. Do you have to order everything?She's 6 years old and very picky. I'm finding this very difficult.
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