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  1. Thank you very much for taking the time to respond. I'm glad I asked so I can be better prepared on the day of the biopsy.
  2. Hi - I am new here and have a few questions. My 19 month old is having the biopsy done next week. I never even heard of celiac so when the doctor told me this, I started looking into it but I'm confused about all the discussions on blood work. I have searched all the messages and still have questions. Here are my main questions: If she has the biopsy, do I have to have further blood work done? Are the biopsy results definitive? Should I then ask for any other blood work? Is there anything else I should ask for? A little history - My daughter was a preemie (33 weeks) and was totally fine until 15 months old. She didn't have any symptoms at all while she was an infant - she nursed and I started solids at 7 months. No reflux. She nursed until she was 16 months (although it was just once a day at this point). At her 15 month appt., the doctor said she needed to gain weight because she was only 19 pounds. I was told to give her Pediasure and she wouldn't take it. She began refusing food even though she used to be a great eater. She was on home health services for 8 weeks, began spitting up and swallowing it, bad burning rash in her diaper area, not eating well, etc. I switched Peds, she sent me to a Ped GI and he ran the following tests - blood, stool and an upper GI study. He said they were all fine except that her IgA was low (17). I don't know which one he tested or what it even means. He explained that "basically I can't rely on her blood work" so we are doing the biopsy. She doesn't seem to have a lot of the symptoms that other kids have but she is so young that I have no idea whether she is in pain anywhere. Thanks. Shawn
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