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  1. I have an appointment for an endoscopy in four weeks and am seeking input as to whether I go through with it. I am convinced that I have gluten issues (long story), and have been gluten free for several months to the point that my symptoms resolved. The diet works for me - I hadn't felt this good in years. My gastroenterologist told me I needed to resume gluten for 3 weeks prior to the endoscopy. He is also doing a blood test after I've been back on gluten. I intentionally ate some wheat yesterday to test my reaction (because I'm going to be on a business trip at the start of the 3 week time frame) and it has not been pleasant. I seem to feel much worse in the last 24 hours than I remember before I went gluten free. So I'm not sure it is worth three weeks of feeling nasty to get an official diagnosis. The gastroenterologist claims it is important to know whether celiac disease is present or not - to rule out other possible issues. I trust him, but realize that he has a hammer so I look like a nail..... So I'm looking for some independent yet informed viewpoints: are there significant benefits to obtaining a definitive diagnosis? Thanks..... I just discovered this forum, and it looks very helpful.
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