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  1. Thanks for all the responses. It helped alot. My last question is just what if I do eat some gluten now and then. It won't pose any serious threat? Will it just make me uncomfortable for the day I eat it? Thanks!
  2. Hi and thanks for replying. I fould out that I have a gluten allergy through a blood test . My doctor first diagnosed me with lactose intolerance, and a year or so later when taking dairy products out of my diet wasn't helping, I had an upper GI x-ray which turned out ok, so she recently decided to administer a gluten allergy blood test. I haven't begun a gluten free diet yet because I only very recently found out. However, almost everything that I eat at this point is a bread or carbohydrate product so I am pretty overwhelmed. I am wondering if I am still safe to have gluten now and then, say once a week, or if it has to be cold turkey and I can no longer ever have gluten? My symptoms (horrible gas, canker sores, hair loss, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, fuzziness in head) are very uncomfortable, but I have been dealing with them for years now and I don't think I will mind them now and then. Is that the only effect of eating gluten once I have been diagnosed? Thanks again!
  3. i am recently discovering i am allergic to gluten, but am wondering if its ok to have a little gluten now and then? i had the symptoms for years before figuring out the problem and nothing happened. also, if i didnt stop eating gluten what would the implications be? would i just have to deal with the bloating/nausea or could it progress to something worse? thanks!
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