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  1. I also wanted to add....I did a gluten/casein peptide test and for gluten he was .94 (normal is <.95). So again he was borderline.
  2. Hi all! I'm sure you all get people like me all the time. I'm new to this celiac thing and need some help. My son is 4.5 years old and I had him tested for celiac last week. He's not really showing symptoms but I've had cause to look into celiac (it's a long story). I know there's a family history on my husbands side of stomach ailments. 2 people have Crohn's and his brother has diverticulosis. Anyways, I got the results back and I'm really confused. I was hoping maybe you all could shed some light on this. The ped. that gave me the results was not helpful at all and would not explain what the results mean. He said I could take him off wheat for a couple of months and see what happens. But I'd prefer to know if he actually has celiac. His IgA results were <4 (negative is 0-4) and his IgG results were 10 (>9 is positive). His IgA was <4 (0-3 is negative) and his tTG was <6 (0-5 is negative). I'm sorry to throw out a bunch of numbers. I don't know what they mean but I'm hoping someone here will. Any opinions are welcomed . Ann
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