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  1. Thanks so much to everyone who has posted a response to help me better understand this all. Like I mentioned it is so overwhelming at first, but then I am sure in time becomes second nature. What is everyone's opinion on modified food starch? I have read that it may or may not contain gluten. I wanted to make the canned white chix as an option for my son to take to school in a corn tortilla. Do most people stay away from it?
  2. You know what I don't understand? I went to look at the Beth's Gluten Free Pantry Flour that I used when making the Toll House Cookies (you know the FLAT ones...lol) and it had all the same ingredients as Bette Hagman's recipe for flour. So will I be better off making my own even though the ingredients are the same and why would they come out so flat? I know this sounds redundant to all my other questions! LOL!! :-)
  3. gluten-free Betsy...that looks quick simple and easy. Do you store it in the fridge like someone else mentioned? What would be the difference in the two flours for substitution? Is one better for baking than the other? How would you use either of them? Thanks!
  4. Liz, does this flour mix yield a large batch and you just use the flour as it is called for in "regular recipes"? And where is the almond butte sold? At a Wild Harvest type store? I forgot who asked but my two sons are positive and my daughter is negative as is my husband. I had a low IGA level and it throws off the accuracy of the blood test for Celiac. I'll need to go in for a scope. Thanks again for all your help!
  5. Thanks to everyone for their responses. A few things after reading your posts: Aren't all Chocolate Chips gluten free? At a specialty store, I remember a woman buying a gluten free flour that was around $10 or $11. Is this a good idea? I am wondering if everyone keeps mentioning rice flour and potato starch because it is more cost effective or that there really is no good way to bake unless you combine different types of flour. Where my kids are still little, I am not baking anything gourmet at this point. I wouldn't mind spending the money, as I would make things like cookie or cupcakes and that type of stuff that I can freeze and pull out when I need them. Am I making sense or am I just rambling? LOL!!
  6. Hello, My two sons ages 4 and 6 were just diagnosed with Celiac Disease. The amount of information is so overwhelming when trying to figure out how to read labels, shop and cook. My question is...when baking or cooking do you just substitute any gluten free flour for regular flour in any recipe? I tried doing that for Toll House Cookies and they came out FLAT! Does anyone recommend a good brand or mix? We have already spent hundreds of dollars trying to figure this all out. Also, I thought Vanilla was Gluten Free, but alot of recipes call for Gluten Free Vanilla. Thanks so much for your help! :-)
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