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  1. Ok so tonight i was at a frends house and we were having soda and i picked up what i thought was my sprit but it was mountan dew so i need to no if it is gluten-free or not?
  2. hey betsy, i havnt been able to get to a local book store recently but my symptoms are getting better now since ive kicked out hoods and turkeyhill ice creams and a couple other things.
  3. thanks for everyone being supportive. tonight is really hard for me though i got into wheat at outback which is suppost to be gluten free and now i have chaplips, and white spots on my nails, i am also going through all the physcological effects of it (sefl dought, feeling like i dont fit in with my friends, irritated, anxious, and the rest of the symptoms i have felt) this just really sucks and i hate having to live with it can someone help give me some tips that they do to help them get through it and get there minds off of it. thanks marco
  4. mines ruffryders56873 just sya u got me me off here
  5. yeah when i as on the diet strictly for a month i was fine...also when i get into wheat i get chap lips and white spots on my nails which is a sign of gluten intolerance
  6. that pretty much sums up how i feel when i get into wheat.....ill have to check my lacrosse bag multiple times to make sure i have everything or will make sure i have my wallet and phone in my pocket several times while driving...it gets really annoying but im sure going to look into those books..also stressfull situations such as fighting or something along those lines also brings it on or being bored sometimes may bring it on. i also tend to be very self concious and think low of myself also when i go through the symptoms.
  7. so tonight i went out to eat with somefriends for dinner at outback which has a gluten free menu....after 10 minutes of eating i felt like i could vomit which tells me the food wasnt gluten free....so im expecting to get sick both physicly and mentally soon but im hoping it was just my acid reflect instead
  8. has anything like phycosis or phycotic thinking ever been a symptom of gluten intolerance?
  9. thanks you everyone for your support and info but i am still trying to find where and how to become 100% gluten free
  10. yeah ive tried to be vigillent about the hole thing but its difficult sometimes when its either eat and be sure or starve. Im still curious is there is any phychotic episodes or other things people may have with the symptoms.
  11. yeah its just a very scary thing.....im also curious i know things like scytzophrenia and depression are traits of it but can people get phychotic thoughts or anything worse due to it?
  12. you guys have no idea how happy and releaved it makes me feel knowing that it isnt only me that other people have the same symptoms as i do....it just really scary when the symptoms come on becayse ive never felt like that until a year ago and its just been hard. im also curious do u have any thoughts when u get into wheat or gluten? and yes i will check into how to get 100% gluten free asap when i did that for a month i felt like my old self and was really happy. thank you so much i have no idea how to thank u and everyone that will reply later on to help me out can someone please help me with a link to how to keep 100% gluten free and maybe a list of all safe foods, drink,shampoos, ect that is gluten and wheat free.
  13. Ok im a 16 your old male who was diognosed when i was 15. Ever since then i feel like i have not been the same. I become irritated,angry,sad,anxious, i have a hard time sleeping sometimes and i also have thoughts that bother me when i have been in something with wheat, it really tends to bother me. Now ive tried to be the best with the diet but i have gotten into it due to people telling me there is no wheat or gluten in the product or food and i find out there is or my parents not reading the ingredients clearly. I just hate feeling like this and feel like it gets better then it all comes back, i feel like its effecting me with my friends and meeting new people also. I have a cousin who has gone through almost the same symptoms they diognosed him as crazy. He was put on medication, but nothing worked. After 5 celiac test they finaly admitted he was indeed celiac and now he's perfectly fine when he does not get into it. I to have seen a counciler because of this and she also stated that i was not crazy and that it was caused by the wheat allergy, and the stress braught on by it. has anyone had these symptoms before is what i wanna know and what has helped you get your mind off of them? thank you to whoever reads this and tries to help Marco
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