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  1. I have seen lettuce in the toilet recently. Has anyone else experienced this? What's the deal? TIA
  2. Yesterday afternoon I had a similar reaction to my mixed nuts. I'm trying to figure out what foods are in play and what aren't. Confusing! Popcorn, coconut oil, chedder cheese (milk, salt, cheese cultures, enzymes), buttermilk, whey, cheese (monterey jack and swiss), salt, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, disodium phosphate, maltodextrin, natural flavor, artificial flavor, artificial color, monosodium glatamate, lactic acid, beta carotene. Contains milk and soy ingredients Produced in a plant that manufactors products with peanuts and tree nuts. TIA for your insight!
  3. Most experts still say that, lol, despite the formula companies' making it available, and some pedis encouraging it. The early introduction of rice cereal can increase your child's risk of developing diabetes, and rice in a bottle can be a contributing factor to later struggles with obesity, etc. My 18 months old has never had rice cereal, lol!
  4. In alimentum, the cassein is hydrolyzed so their little systems don't have to break it down. It's for babies who are cow's milk protein intolerant (like mine). I just looked around for a formula that is everything free, and I can't find one. Sorry! We've done very well on alimentum, but next time (if we are so blessed) I'm gonna do whatever it takes to breastfeed for two years. I had no understanding of the world of food intolerances until my supply tanked and I was left with a baby who was in pain and miserable whenever she had a drop of standard formula! (hugs) to your nephew...and the those of you going through this struggle with him.
  5. I do not believe I have DH, but I do get chronic hives on my elbows, knees and butt. I was in the emergency room lately, and my doc saw my hives, and he said he wouldn't decribe them as hives...but I wouldn't describe them as blisters. Does anyone have a chronic hive-like rash in these areas? Is it related to gluten? TIA! B
  6. I don't think I can do this. I am a conveniance food type, I don't cook and don't have time for anything difficult. Conveniance foods are often bread products, so I have no idea what to eat! Also, I haven't heard about my bloodwork. My GI appt isn't till next Monday. Would they call me if the BW was positive? Would they call me if it was negative? Will they just wait for my appointment? They've called me with neg test results before. I also had an abdominal ultrasound. They said they do have the results of that when they made the appointment...but didn't tell me what they were. I'm assuming that means I'm not dying of some dread disease, right? I'm just stressing hard. I ate some mixed nuts awhile ago and immediately got post nasal drip and I'm my hands are swelling a bit. WTF is that about? I've never paid any attention to my body's reaction to food before. Now everything seems to be causing a problem. Sorry for the rambling whine...I'm just stressed and don't think I can do this. But I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired! Thanks for listening... b
  7. Hi! I'm in my third day gluten free, and at work today I was out of gluten-free food, but was hungry, so I checked here and saw that a snickers bar was safe. So I ate one, and have been having stomach cramps off and on ever since (several hours now). I've never had a problem with snickers before. They satisfy! What gives? Ideas? TIA! b
  8. Rather than get b/w from your doc? Just curious... TIA! b
  9. I just came here to post about the double chocolate brownie. Delish! I may eat the whole box here at work today. I'm psyched my milk protein intolerant daughter can enjoy them too!
  10. I mean, were you better able to remember things from your past? A lot of my memories are in a foggy haze...will memories sharpen with time, gluten free?
  11. I was so proud of myself for getting this product to microwave at work, but then I noticed that while the meal is made with "no gluten ingredients," it's made in a factory where wheat is processed. So has anyone eaten an Amy's meal and had a reaction? Thanks! b
  12. Now that would be exciting! It's been literally decades since I've had color in my cheeks, lol! Thanks, all, for your encouragement.
  13. Thank you so much for your help and guidance!
  14. after you went gluten free? Thanks! b...day 1 without gluten...
  15. My endo has long claimed I am "thyroid resistant" which apparently doesn't require medication, but makes my b/w come back odd. I don't even know wtf that particular diagnosis means. Do you? Could it be related to undiagnosed/untreated celiac? TIA! b
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