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  1. Great advice here. I wish I had a resource like this when I started out. I feel your pain Sarah There is always that question to bake or buy and I have done a lot of both but baking is usally worth the effort and cheaper (those $1.50 apeice hot dog buns suck). Bob's Red Mill sell's most of it's products in bulk 30# sacks for around 20 to 35 bucks and I used to buy them through my local grocer Winco. I sure like the idea of a tax write off as L.A. mentioned........it's crossed mu mind a time or two. The fresh natural foods thing is really the most practical and you can do it anywhere anytime. Dryed foods like fruit and jerky are good. I dry a lot of fruit (cuz I grow it). Costco has these great sesame rice crackers that are cheap and xlt for a quick good snack with cheese or meat. I keep most of my flours in the freezer so the keep longer and have turned into a mexican food freak. There is a lot of Mex that's gluten-free. Thai food is good gluten-free also. I buy the best new crop Jasimine rice from the asian store that is very awesome stuff and cheap. Meat, potatoes and veggies are the foods I consider myself sooooooo lucky to still eat........ without them I'd be miserable.
  2. Who Knows What Their Genes Are?, Curious about something... I definetly know that I am wearing Levi's and I also have some Wrangler's in my closet :-) (sorry I couldn't resist) My understanding and experience is that genetics aren't very reliable in predicting your succeptibility to Celiac disease. I'm the only one in my family to have it. I am of european descent and it seems that those clever Europeans mastered the art of cultivating our bad grains early in time and used it profusely. My thinking is that they became dependant on these grains (as we americans are) and possibly the genetic strains evolved into toxic substances for some of us. There are other substances that can build up in the body over time and one day reach a level that the body cannot tolerate (petroleum products). It would be nice to know for sure how this mechanism works but for now I'll settle for keeping the "wolves at bay" by staying gluten-free. Wouldn't it be nice if we had a little test kit to check our food with........kinda like a pregnancy test.......if it turns blue.........it will piss off your Celiac sprue!
  3. Hi Jerry I'm new here but no stranger to Kaiser (they diagnosed me in 1994). My GP is a great doc but my gastro guy was a total jerk who told me "it is impossible to lose 50 lbs. in 30 days" (even though my GP documented it). My celiac was pretty extreme and I now realize that was probably a blessing since they had to hospitalize me and find the cause. It still took many tests and many doctors to get it right and the Gastro doc finally apologized to me for his bedside manner. The only good part of it was the fact that the doctors were able to "nework" my symptoms between other hospitals and doctors to find the cause. Only then did they do the biopsy which confirmed Celiac. They were feeding me wheat crackers while I was bedridden........so much for the physicians oath....Ha ha! I'm fine now but cooking consumes a lot of my time and eating away from home can be a jerk. Prepare to make some adjustments in your lifestyle if you are diagnosed. Good luck. Rick
  4. Hello

    Hi I'm a newbie here but have had celiacs 12 years now. I live in Vancouver Wa. BTW Lingonberries ROCK'S I just discovered it recently. I'm very impressed with the "Laurels" brand of mixes (especially pancake). These are made in Sherwood Oregon and I think this gal knows what she is doing. Curious about the gluten-free beer.......anyone tasted it yet?
  5. I've ate the Bruces a few times with no problems except the fact that they taste like crappy canned yams. Go the extra mile and cook fresh ones, your guests with thank you by cleaning their plates!
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