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  1. Hi! My boyfriend has Celiac, and he was totally irresponsible with it (i.e. eating the gluten and facing the unpleasant physical consequences) until a little less than a year ago. He had some medical problems, and his doctor (along with some gentle nagging from me) convinced him to clean up his eating act. He is AWESOME now! I don't even need to worry about having bread in the house for myself -- because he would never cheat now. But I am trying to come up with healthy new gluten-free things to make, so he doesn't get stuck in a rut eating the same safe things day after day. He has type 1 diabetes, which was diagnosed before the celiac -- but did you see the research that came out last week? That undiagnosed celiac in kids (and the resulting gluten intake) might actually CAUSE type 1 diabetes? That makes perfect sense to me. As far as his diet management is concerned, the celiac is a much bigger deal than the diabetes! I'm so glad I found this board. I'll be checking in regularly for good ideas for helping him deal with this and eat a better (more fun!) diet. Thanks ...
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