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  1. I have RLS. I KNOW what you are experiencing. RLS can be a symptom of diabetes. Have a GTT done to rule out diabetes. Not enough exercise is another reason given. I swim and still suffer RLS. I have Sinemet (a Parkinson med) for the RLS. It's not a cure-all. But, after taking it for a month...
  2. Ok, you all. This is TOO much! AACCCKK!!!....CHOCOLATE!!! I'm hanging by the fingernails as it is....!!! Libby. Desparately wanting a Hershey bar Dx celiac disease 2002 :
  3. Kaiti, THANKS! I'm going to have my hubby check the Hershey bottle next shopping trip. Libby. Dx celiac disease 2002
  4. A call out to all on Hershey's Chocolate Syrup. Is it gluten-free? We're using Nesquik, but I prefer Hershey over Nestle. TIA, Libby. Dx celiac disease 2002